I second that! - the growing craze of selling and upscaling second hand items to save the planet.

I just want to put it out there that I was the queen of secondhand shopping! I could create an entire outfit from the leftover items that had been outcast from the depths of some Remuera housewife who needed a wardrobe revamp. Fashion can be beautiful, colourful and make you feel individual. The choices you make in terms of what you put on your body can create a sense of self, it can make you feel feel more fun, serious or sexy. BUT the fashion industry has a LOT to answer for! it is wasteful, and is the second largest polluter in the world...second only to oil! It is wasteful to life! In factories where they mass produce designer items in countries where they pay the workers a wage that doe

Top 10 things you are too old for after having kids and turning 35.

I went out last night, on a Thursday which is a feat in itself. My friend managed to score free tickets to the VIP mosh pit section at the Vodafone music awards so we rallied the troups and headed in. After being gridlocked on the motorway after a crash, a train trip and a painful walk to Vector arena for my friend Tania, who has a suspected broken ankle, we made it in and met up with Katy-anne, my brother Dave, his girlfriend (and my friend) Vanessa and Aimee who was 4 hours into a night out away from her baby with boobs about to explode milk over the red carpet. I thought maybe shit was maybe gonna get messy! In a breast milk kinda way. So we were lead into our red carpet "mosh pit area" t

Feeling beautiful after babies - My "mum makeover"

I want to talk about how important it is sometimes to feel beautiful after life changing events which in a lot of cases... is babies. And I want to talk about body image and accepting your body after babies. I had two children close together, my first was only 7 months old when I became pregnant, I was already marked on my stomach with stretchmarks which was at the time devastating as it was the only part left that wasn't marked by the bloody things! Stretchmarks plagued my early teens and I am actually covered from the back of my knees to my breasts, it was embarrassing and the reason I gave up my beloved competitive swimming at 13. I'm not sure why I was so plagued by them, maybe it is in

Sour cherry chocolate bliss balls - allergy friendly, coconut free

These little bliss balls are gluten free and coconut free! We often do a breakfast snack platter at home that has a little slice of cheese, some apple, bliss ball, dried chickpeas, a toast sandwich (so the spread doesn’t get everywhere). I don’t know why I got into this habit, I think because I liked the idea of giving them a variety of things for breakfast, also my youngest went through a stage of only eating dried chickpeas for breakfast… She’s a weird one. I had to stop with the bliss balls on daycare days as they always contained cashews or almonds which my oldest child’s little friend was anaphylactic too, so I was weary of giving them to her right before daycare in case Scarlett had so

Tu Meke Tūī book review

Once upon a time I used to do movie reviews with a friend, we called it “the naked truth”. Each article had a picture of something random in front of our boobs, we had to sell it with sensual promotion because, quite frankly we had to review some horrendously horrible films, and we had to make it entertaining…. somehow. This book, Tu Meke Tūī however needs no gimmick to sell it! It is taking flight and selling out fast across the country with good reason! Children’s books are a niche market where you not only are competing against what has been recently written (in the last 5 years), but you will always compete against the old classics that carry nostalgia and history… Books that have been w

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