Why I drink on Mondays

The super short answer: kids

The short answer: Because there is no daycare on Mondays.

The long answer: Because I spent 10 years being on and off sensitive to alcohol so never drank much... EVER.

I spent 4 years of my life either pregnant or breastfeeding and never drank much... EVER

Not that I feel like I should have to explain myself and I don't drink more that one bottle of wine a week and its usually only a glass a night. But I honestly think that if my husband has been working all weekend and the 3 year old has been waking every 3 hours with nightmares about dinosaurs and then Monday comes and you spend the day inside cause its raining and you have gone through the list of activities that involve painting, shopkins, beading and duplo then hell...

I think its wine time!

Cheers to Mondays!!!


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