Why I drink on Mondays - part 2

So I have a confession to make. on Monday after I popped the "Why I drink on Mondays" post up I had someone come around and drop off a card for my 4 year old (from her 4 year old) - I know its pretty cute!

Anyway, I had a hard day (obviously, cause I wrote a blog about drinking on Mondays)... River woke up through the night, they were both cranky for the morning, it was raining you know, typical at home with the kids stuff.

So I got a message from my friend that she was dropping the card off and I saw her outside in the car so I popped downstairs to get it and told her the kids were half asleep on the couch... which they were... with their various mind numbing technology watching you tube videos of some crazy arse kids opening my little pony blind bags!

But, what I neglected to tell her that they were still in there pajamas from the night before and I had given up giving them activities and sat them down with tablets and phones to play with and poured myself a glass of Shiraz at 3pm. There were fucking beads EVERYWHERE! and they had pretty much refused all food during the day except for the time that I went to the bathroom and they attacked there advent calender's all the way up to number 24 and they had chocolate in there hair.

So there you go...

You can give me my mother of the year award now in wine vouchers please :)



P.S. My friend Tanz made me post this, she likes me to keep everything real :)

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