DIY activated charcoal water filter

I'm not gonna lie, I love doing this kind of thing although I don't think I would actually like to HAVE to do it if an actual emergency arose.

We have a swimming pool and chlorine and a commercial water filter upstairs so I am sure that if we needed water we would actually be fine.

But this is the kind of experiment I love to do :)

Activated charcoal can be used to build your own makeshift water filtration system using a large empty coke bottle, a few pebbles some clean sand and a fine cloth like the chux superwipes.

What you will need...

Activated charcoal (I used Activated charcoal from Pure Nature)

Large empty plastic bottle

Some small pebbles

Clean sand

A fine cloth like the chux superwipes.


Cut the end of the plastic bottle and poke a hole into the lid with a sharp knife.

Place 3 layers of cut square chux cloth over the inside of the lid, then screw the lid back on then stuff a wad of the chux cloth down into the centre of the bottle inside the lid.

layer in a small amount of clean sand, then 2 large tablespoons of activated charcoal, then another layer of clean sand, then the small pebbles.

I then cut two holes in either side of the bottle and placed a wooden skewer through and balanced it on top of two taller items.

Fill from the top with a cup of water at a time.

Totally seems to work! Although the water tasted a bit like sand. My hubby said I should try and filter my own urine.... Ummm NO.


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