Try garden vege swapping in your community!

We have a surplus of passion fruit... so much passion fruit I feel like I should add it to my asset list cause that shit is expensive!

We are trying to cut down our food bill and here I was with enough passion fruit to buy an Auckland house... OK not actually even close, but still, we had a lot.

So I thought I would try and swap some :)

I popped up a post on my local mummy group and asked if anyone wanted to swap some things.... And they did!

Check out all the amazing things from all the amazing gardens that are just down the road from me.

Carbon footprint is zero and the produce is super fresh and delicious!

So if you have a garden, try it out, start up a swap! I have limes and feijoas coming on, so I will be keen to see what the autumn garden swaps might produce.

Let me know if you try something similar and how it goes :)

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