Emoji's can say a lot 💖

I sometimes reply to comments with this little heart emoji 💖. But I just want to explain what it means as after I commented on something yesterday I got the response "really? Got nothing constructive to actually say?!?!". Not going to say where, or who it was, (it wasn't on the Pumpkins in trees FB page or anything) :)

I just wanted to say that this little heart says many things.... it says... "I dont know what to say, what you have written is so heartfelt and sad" "Sorry for your loss" "I love what you have written here" "I love this picture" "How cute is this" "I feel for you right now" "Sending my love"

"I'm sorry" So yep, obviously depending on the content it will mean different things. I know I should probably try harder to find the words to say, but sometimes I just can't, and I type it out and then backspace the words until they are all gone and then just place this little heart up because I just can't find the right words. All my hearts to you 💖 Share if you love your emoji's 💖 💘❤💓💔💕💖💗💙💚💛💜💝💞

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