Dairy free 'cream egg' recipe

Tash from THE A WORD has created the best recipe for an indulgent dairy free cream egg for those people like me who haven't eaten a cream egg in 15 years! :)

Guest blog by Tash from THE A WORD.

This week hasn’t been easy, I had to have a rant on The A Word about mum shaming, does anyone else think it’s stupid and needs to stop? I know everyone judges and even if you think you don’t it just human nature and it is what you choose to do about it is what counts.

I’m not on track with my study, I only have 3 weeks to go before I hand everything in and its looking close to impossible right now. I’m sure I’ll get there I’ll be needing a lot of coffee and may have to end up bribing myself.

This year is my first dairy free Easter and its even been a bit overwhelming, I don’t even think it’s the chocolate I miss, I’m not religious so to me the Easter weekend is for spending time with family but it just seems a bit different this year I think buy some chocolate eggs for my niece and nephew if the shops have any left it just doesn’t feel the same without buying them!

You know the Pinterest mum? The mum who sews her children clothes, does fun messy activities with them, she spends hours in the kitchen making amazing things for her family? For some reason, I thought it would be nice if I tried to be a Pinterest mum this week, I got as far as looking on Pinterest and realised I'm far too tired for that shit and am not that amazing ha-ha maybe next week?

But for now, I think I’ll make some dairy free Easter eggs actually, coffee first then eggs.

Until next time,

Tash x

Tash’s dairy free cream eggs.

What you will need:

  • Chocolate molds (highly recommend silicone)

  • Microwave safe bowls

  • Spatula

  • Measuring spoons and cups


  • Dairy free chocolate of your choice,

  • Coconut condensed milk (link to the recipe HERE)

  • Maple syrup

  • Vanilla essence

  • Cornflour (optional)

  • Yellow food colour

  • Icing sugar

In a microwave safe bowl melt your chocolate and pour a thick even layer into your mold and set aside until completely dry.

In a bowl place ½ cup of coconut condensed milk, 1 tsp maple syrup ½ tsp vanilla and mix until well combined.

If you think this is mix is a bit runny for your cream egg filling mix ½ tsp of cornflour with 1 tsp of water and heat in the microwave until thick stirring every 20 seconds and placing in fridge to completely cool after.

To make your egg yolk place ¼ cup of coconut condensed milk, ½ tsp of vanilla, 1 drop off yellow food colouring mix to combined. Add icing sugar to thicken this mix I ended up using about 3 tablespoons but everyone will be different depending on how thick your condensed milk is.

Place in fridge.


​Remove your chocolate from the molds.

Lay half of your chocolates out and fill leaving a small gap at the top.

To seal your chocolates, place a plate over top of a bowl with hot water.

Place your chocolate on the plate until the edge is starting to melt, remove and stick to the filled shell making sure all the edges are sealed.

Store in fridge and enjoy.

The recipe for Coconut Condensed milk can be found HERE (at the start of the ice cream recipe).

You can find THE A WORD on Facebook :) The A Word is a place where the average parent can come for dairy free and allergy friendly recipes, support and just a place where like-minded parents can chat.

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