What is the #goodtroll?

It seems like the old saying "if you don't have anything nice to say then just don't say anything at all" is making a comeback in the form of a hashtag, but also taking it one step further!

I talked to Cherie form PEPPER AND ME about her new movement that gained momentum over snapchat on Thursday morning and the new popular hashtag that is filling the internet.

"#goodtroll was a brief passing idea that came to me on Thursday morning when I decided I was going to have a good day, not a shit day like yesterday! I challenged everyone on snapchat to send heartfelt nice message to someone they follow or look up to or just think is awesome in general, and everyone who heard or saw that challenge has interpreted it in their own way, which is just fabulous!"

But why the hashtag? I asked her, "Because as much as its easier to just private message or snapchat someone these things, to send our message of love and kindness viral, it needs to be seen by everyone!

Today we are taking 5 minutes to show the #badtrolls who's boss. Hopefully our message imprints on the internet, and next time someone has something nasty to say, we remember how much bigger we are than them and how many people had amazing positive messages for us as well. We think of the #goodtrolls instead".

So what exactly is #goodtroll?

Cherie wrote up on her Pepper and Me Facebook page a status explaining the hashtag, saying, "Today we are sharing kind words with everyone who inspires us, because often those people don't see as many kind words as one might think. Let's teach our children it's cool to be a #goodtroll and it's cool to be kind, particularly on the internet where thumbs can get nasty".

This got me thinking about all the trolls that seem to find it hard to just scroll on, maybe it is time to fight back by saying something kind... not necessarily to not give the #badtrolls a direct response, but to fill up the internet with kind words instead of words filled with judgement.

"For me it's about turning a negative into a positive, being mindful of what we say or write and encouraging people to think about how their words affect others." Cherie also told me.

Check out #goodtroll on Facebook

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And #goodtroll on twitter

So, get out there and #goodtroll, write a kind word on someone's Facebook wall, comment on a status with kind words, tweet your favourite businesses with fabulous words and fill your Instagram with inspiring pictures with the hashtag #goodtroll.

By using the hashtag we are able to imprint on the internet some positive words.


You can also check out Cherie's PEPPER AND ME Facebook page HERE

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