6 ideas for DIY paint brushes

Here are some ideas for some DIY paintbrushes.

The kids had great fun making them and using them!

You can use so many different household items so experiment a little and let me know how you go.

What you will need...

* 6 wooden pegs, I got these from warehouse stationary but clip pegs would also do the trick.

* Leaves from the garden

* Sponge

* Wool

* Water balloon blown up with air

* Cut up paper

* String

* sellotape

Attach all the various item to the paintbrushes with sellotape and let the kids have fun with paint :)

Different "brushes" made for different brush strokes and different paintings.

We used Ecomonkey natural "everything paint" which is a chalk based paint coloured with fruits and vegetables :)

Other ideas for paintbrushes could be... scrunched up paper, pom poms, feathers or tin foil.

Enjoy :)

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