Why being Gay is cool!

My mum reminded me about a story the other day... and I just had to tell it!

It is about my aunt who is gay...

Now I just want to paint you a picture first about my life... I had a mum, a dad and a brother, I had aunts and uncles and cousins, everyone got along and we were all intelligent, and normal, and nice to each other... for the most part it was all SUPER boring!

But then in 1986 something happened in New Zealand... The homosexual Law Reform Act 1986!

New Zealand legalised being Gay! so you could legally be with someone of the same sex and there was gonna be no jail time.... about time right?

So much had gone on in NZ around the legalization of being gay, it was all over the news and so many bad things were being said about it and so many politicians voted against it (although many now regret it as the stupidest thing they had done in their careers).

I never saw any reason why it was a problem, it made no sense why you couldn't be gay if you WERE gay? My parents also had never said a bad word against anyone because of their sexual preference.

In fact I remember a time when Dad and I helped out a friend and his partner move house around this time. They were an older cute male gay couple and dad told me on the drive over that they were together all casual like... and those kinds of conversations and interactions with people stick in a young kids life.

Being Gay doesn't matter!

A few years after the Homosexual Law Reform Act in NZ happened... in the summer of 91... the most exiting thing to happen in my young life happened!

...something magical...

My Godmother/ Aunt came out as gay! My parents hesitant to tell me sat me and my brother around the dinner table and gently told us over a roast dinner...

"Are you serious!?" I exclaimed!


My aunt was cool before, but this made her the coolest!

I now had someone who I loved who I could refer to if people were being dicks about this new law!

Finally I had a point of difference! And I thought it made ME cool too!

For my whole life when someone tells me they are LBGT, I respect them that much more!

Good on you for being brave enough to be who you are!

Thank you for being you! For being yourself!

So please if you are thinking about coming out, please know that you may just make someones day... or life!

To my Auntie Robyn...

My mum (your sister) gave birth to me on your birthday, I love it how we share that.

I hope that you understand how cool you are to me, I love you and my family loves you X

Check out my page "Humans who support LBGT rights" and let me know if you have something you would like me to post on it.

Equality within the LBGT community is important to me and my family. Even my morning coffee is down with it lol.



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