Charity auction for InsideOUT

Charity auction for ‘InsideOUT’.

I have created a trademe auction where all proceeds are going to InsideOUT, you can check out the listing HERE.

It is a bulk lot of items for mums and bubs worth over $350 to raise money but also create awareness for the youth in NZ who identify as LBGTQIA.

This Charity auction is to raise money for the non-profit organisation 'InsideOUT' a Charity who support youth in New Zealand who identify as LBGTQIA (Lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, questioning, intersex, and asexual).

InsideOUT work within the community to decrease bullying and create safe spaces for these youth. To create support for them and their families.

This charity campaign asks the question..."Will you be Ok if your child is gay".

You have a beautiful child, who you love more than anything, but I want you to ask the question... If your child identifies as LBGTQIA ... will YOU be OK?

It is an important question to ask... if your child identifies as being lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, questioning, intersex, or asexual, are you going to be Ok?

'InsideOUT' needs funding to put together a resource for families of these children.

So get behind it and get bidding!! :)

The bulk lot of donated items are worth over $350 dollars! and contains...

2x Whittaker's chocolate blocks

1x "SwimFin"

1x Toddler hat from "With Love"

1x Teething peg from "Little"

1x "Fern feeder"

1x Toddler t-shirt from "Baby its personal"

1x Playdough bucket from "Ecomonkey"

2x Gluedo packs from "Ecomonkey"

1x Felt rainbow decor from "White Rose felts"

Full set of "Earthwise" baby bath and lotion items

1x Food huggers from "August boutique

1x "Enid and her two mums" book

1x "Feel a little" book

1x "Tu meke tui" book

2x Bibs from "Bibbles dribble bibs"

1x Necklace from "Jewellsparkle"

1x Nail polish from "Hayley's comet nail polish"

1x Bow from "Vintage miss-mouse"

Businesses, bloggers and companies are behind this bulk lot auction on trade me to raise funds for ‘InsideOUT’ a fantastic organisation who works with young people within the LBGTQIA community.

It is an auction that is designed to raise awareness about LBGTQIA youth in NZ and for parents to look at their own children and accept them for who they are.

THANK-YOU so much from the bottom of my heart to those people, businesses and bloggers who are getting behind this campaign!

They are amazing, kind and generous!



Support InsideOUT today :)

Click on the link below.

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