Why I decided to support LBGTQIA rights? and how the Auction for InsideOUT came about.

I had a few people ask why so passionate about all this?

Well, I always have supported equality in all forms, since... well... forever.

My Aunt, who I share the same birthday with, who is also my Godmother, is gay, and it has always been such a normal part of my life to have friends and family who identify as LBGTQIA.

This particular auction began life as a desire to give away the book "Enid and her two mums". It was kindly sent to me all the way from Australia and it is such an awesome book! you can read the review HERE :)

In searching for some items to give away with it I came up against some road blocks, a few people found that the book was too controversial :(

I never actually thought anything of the book being controversial at all, it seemed so normal. People have different sets of parents. Right?

I think for some it is hard, and that's Ok, some things just take time to digest... not all people wanted women to have the vote and many people thought (and some still think) that two people who have different shades of skin colour shouldn't marry or be together.

Life evolves, people accept new and crazy concepts (being sarcastic here) and we accept people for who they are... eventually... sometimes often after some law changes... and a bunch of protesting...

We embrace equality, and our lives are richer for it.

After a bunch of people unliked my Facebook page after I posted a blog about my aunt (You can read that HERE) and how amazing she was, I reached out to my Facebook group to vent my frustrations on the dislikes to my page and how my Facebook competition kept falling over because people were finding it hard to connect their own businesses to this book about Enid, who just happened to have parents of the same sex.

The response was amazing, and I had so many offers of products to run as a competition.

But I thought it would be amazing to do more. To see if I could raise some money with the amazing products that were donated and create some awareness about families with children who identify as LBGTQIA.

Tabby from InsideOUT was super exited to be on board and then it all happened from there :)

The support has been absolutely amazing!

And I am forever grateful!

You can check out the Auction HERE which finishes on Sunday July the 9th.

The Auction contains...

2x Whittaker's chocolate blocks

1x "SwimFin"

1x Toddler hat from "With Love"

1x Teething peg from "Little"

1x "Fern feeder"

1x Toddler t-shirt from "Baby its personal"

1x Playdough bucket from "Ecomonkey"

2x Gluedo packs from "Ecomonkey"

1x Felt rainbow decor from "White Rose felts"

Full set of "Earthwise" baby bath and lotion items

1x Food huggers from "August boutique"

1x "Enid and her two mums" book

1x "Feel a little" book

1x "Tu meke tui" book

2x Bibs from "Bibbles dribble bibs"

1x Necklace from "Jewellsparkle"

1x Nail polish from "Hayley's comet nail polish"

1x Bow from "Vintage miss-mouse"

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