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Rocky's cheeky sneaky breakfast - Book review

Honestly my kids are so lucky to be able to get amazing children's books from generous people around the country.

We have a fantastic children's book collection and I am so happy to be able to add "Rocky's cheeky sneaky breakfast" to it! :)

My 3 year old (almost 4) is obsessed with animals, so she is loving on Rocky and his cheeky sneaky ways.

The book is small and compact and can easily be popped in your bag to take on an overnight stay or be taken to a friends house.

The story is simple and has easily accessible themes that are recognisible for children about not helping yourself and saying 'please' and 'thank you'.

I really feel the books strengths lie in the beautiful graphic illustrations on each page, the bright background colours and strategically placed patterns. The kids LOVED the illustrations, they are so cute.

Rocky learns that if he says please and thank you will get you further in life than just helping yourself to things you shouldn't be helping yourself too.

Such a cute book!

4 Pumpkins from me :)

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