Simple and cheap renovation ideas.

We are going to be selling our house very soon and although parts of the house are looking great... others are not.

And I gotta say that trying to do anything with kids around is hard enough let alone renovating anything!

We had done huge renovation projects on this house, we removed part of a wall and completely gutted the kitchen and replaced it, pulled down the old deck and rebuilt it and we are also going ot be ripping up the old carpet and laying down new carpet.

But this blog is just about the smaller things... the smaller things that we have done.

I have compiled a list of the things that we are doing in the house and it also must be noted that I have no idea really what I am doing really...

I just do things because I think they look good or something needs to be more functional lol.

This blog is still a bit of a work in progress so I will add to it when more things get done :)

1.Re-hang or change your curtain rails or curtains.

we completely changed our curtain rails from an old brown brassy rail to a silver rail in the lounge, but just taking off the curtain and changing any broken pieces and rehanging makes a hug difference! which is what I have done in the kitchen and bedrooms.

2.Change your light fittings.

Our light fittings were horrendous so we changed 7 of the oldest and crappiest looking in the house. My dad paid for this to be done, so that was amazing!

3.Paint your walls.

We are fully painting the lounge and bathroom, but we are just spot painting the hallway and bedrooms.

I also fully painted the stairwell, I wish that I took a before and after pic as it went from a horrible chipped brown wall to a light grey. It was a huge transformation!

4.Use window film on areas that need privacy

Check out the video below of the window film I used and how effective it was on our windows.

It is from Vinyl Home and can be used on bathroom windows or low windows where you need privacy ect.

It is so easy to use also as it adheres to glass with static technology with the use of water and dish washing liquid.

5. Change the knobs on your cupboards

You know those 70's style brass knobs that are falling apart and are so insanely old looking? yep, we changed them. I hated these knobs, they were wobbly and did not go with the rest of the house.

6. Window film your bathroom

This can make a tired looking bathroom look so much fresher and modern by just adding window film.

Check out the video below :)

So many little things can create such a huge transformation! Follow me on snapchat at 'michellebeardnz' to see the rest of our renovation journey :)

Also check out Vinyl Home if you like the look of the window film :)

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