Freedom Song - Book Review

'Freedom Song' is a powerful book of pictures and words with the theme "Love conquers all".

I grew up with books like this in my house, so for me is is very familiar.

My mother is an amazing artist, and growing up there were always books with pages of art and poetry on the bookshelf.

Once I submitted a project about someone I admired that featured in a book in my home... my teacher got so excited and thought I had written about Jesus... I had not, it was Michelangelo lol.

Art has always been around me.

It was originally written many years ago by Emma and was resurrected in her life several times when events beyond her control made her question life. When she needed to try and make sense of events that had happened.

Ultimately for me it is a very interesting coffee table book... Possibly something that I need an actual coffee table for also perhaps.

In some ways I would have liked to have seen the same words with two or three other artists work incorporated in the book perhaps.

Although I think that Ewans work certainly reflects the words within the pages with intense colour and texture.

It is a book that can inspire conversation about art and the message it sends about life right now in the 21st century and how so many things are being forgotten in our own world.

Words by Emma Farry and illustrations by Ewan McDougall.

Freedom song will be launched at Dunedin Gallery, De Novo on Saturday, 4th August, 11am and also at The Women’s Bookshop, Ponsonby Auckland on Wednesday, 15th August at 6pm.

PS. I really should get a coffee table.

Freedom Song by Emma Farry with illustrations by Ewan McDougall is a large format hardback published in August 2018 priced at $29.99


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