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Seed Crackers

I go through a LOT of crackers, so while I was on my reducing waste/ reducing plastic journey, I thought I would share this recipe that I have been using for the past few months.

I bought all of my ingredients from the bulk bin at the supermarket and the psyllium husk is from a bulk bin store. This recipe makes quite a few crackers, so feel free to halve it.

Ingredients: 400g of mixed seeds (I used sunflower, poppy seeds, pumpkin seeds, sesame seeds and linseed) 15g psyllium husk 1/2 teaspoon of salt.

Instructions: Preheat oven to 150° Mix all ingredients with 480ml of warm water. Stir for 5 minutes until the mix incorporates and turns a little glue-like. Spread thinly over a lined oven tray.

Bake for 45 mins then take out and make some cutting lines.

Put back in the oven for a further 45 mins. Turn off the oven then leave to dry in the oven till crispy. These can be stored in an airtight container, or in the freezer. Enjoy!


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