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Tu Meke Tūī the stage show review

There’s more to being a bird than flying!

From book to stage, the story of Tu Meke Tūī is being told as a stage show to delight young audiences at the Herald theatre, Aotea Centre, Auckland.

Because I have known this book since it was first published I feel like it is everywhere, but if you haven’t heard of it, it is an amazing book written by Malcolm Clarke and Illustrated by the incredible Flox (Hayley King).

Tu Meke Tui is an award winning, best selling children's book and it is now so iconic. It is so incredible seeing it come to life on the stage for my kids who have grown up with this book.

This show truly is amazing!

This beautiful story incorporating physical theatre and puppetry, will teach young tamariki about friendship, courage and discovering that sometimes it's our differences that make us truly special.

It is clever, it shows our wildlife in true Flox style. It is perfect for kids with beautiful themes of friendship and bravery as two unlikely heroes, Tere the excitable tūī and Taitū the flightless tākahe, work together to outwit Stan, the sly stoat, who has a beady eye on our native birds for his dinner.

On a serious note some of the more important themes of conservation where our native wildlife is in danger from the stoat and the use of Maori language (Te reo), which is undergoing a much needed revival in Aotearoa are important undertones in this incredible show.

Being able to educate and immerse our children in both these things in an entertaining way is amazing!

These important issues to do with the environment in which we live and the Maori language which is being finally brought back into our everyday lives is worth noting.

This stage show has spoken and sung Te Reo. The set is beautiful, bathed in fog when you enter, with Flox style rocks and forest foliage dotted about the stage.

Most of all it is so funny and entertaining for kids. Stan the Sly Stoat is a firm favourite. The songs and dancing were a hit! My kids were bouncing about on their seats excited and felt involved in the show as it played out in front of them. All the actors did an amazing job, plus they came out to meet the kids after the show!

Starring Justin Haiu, Wesley Dowdell, Akinehi Munroe and Victoria Abbott

Directed by Renee Lyons

Written by Malcolm Clarke

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