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All about me

After going to film school I worked as a chef, made jewellery, worked with children, worked as a receptionist and then decided to write a book. I can honestly say that I have a varied background of jobs and experiences.

The one skill that I have pursued throughout my life, that has stayed constant and unchanging has been writing. 

Writing is a huge passion of mine, writing fiction in the form of short films and theatre, writing blogs for myself and others, writing articles and  copy for websites and content for others.


I feel like writing has always been an integral part of selling, from selling your home, selling your point of view, selling your opinion, selling your product.


Writing can evoke a sense of drama or whimsey, it can bring about feelings of love or anger, it can be factual or poetic.


I love that it can help tell your story, whatever story that may be!

I am married to a husband who is a comedian and actor, have 2 young girls and own a hire company in the construction sector. 


I was previously working full time as the Communications and Relationships Coordinator for Little & Brave Eco Nappies where I managed the social media and content.


Currently I am working freelance writing the content and taking product photography for a three different businesses in New Zealand.


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