Postpartum issues... let's talk about incontinence.

Incontinence after childbirth. It is the stuff that no one really talks about... But it is the stuff that we SHOULD talk about. The thought for some conjures up a fear of coughing in public and surprise sneezes at the supermarket. It changes the way we look at running and even trampolines... "You don't go to Jump or Gravity with your toddler without some form of panty-protection! That jumping around will always find a stray trickle" said my friend lol. I have always been open and honest about all of my experiences, but I just want to add that my blogs aren't meant to scare people, I know that there are people who have absolutely no complications or issues post birth and of course you aren't

Baby loss - walking through grief.

This is a guest blog about the story of baby loss. About baby ANGEL, taken too soon. written by Jhankhana Vahanwala Sometimes it’s the small talk that kills me. Those little questions from people in the grocery store line, bank tellers, waitresses, new acquaintances. “What do you do for a living?” “Are you married?” “Do you have kids?” It’s not that I mind answering those questions, even honestly. It’s my daily reality, it always hurts and talking about it doesn’t make it harder. But the reaction is hard. My baby girl was born in Sept 2014, Insert other person’s smile and nod. But she actually passed away the same day we learnt we are going to have a baby girl... Their face falls... Silence

Explaining war to a child

We took the kids to the Auckland war memorial museum yesterday, as they had a military heritage day on. There were military vehicles outside the museum and inside they had weapons displays and the kids were really fascinated by the "Andrew Sisters Tribute band, The Sisters of Swing" band who were singing by the entrance. Explaining war to a 4 and 5 year old is hard. I don't like war, it makes me uncomfortable, using a weapon against another human is a foreign concept. Looking at the weapons that were actually used on the font line by the servicemen, seems strange to me, all I can think of is how long ago these weapons were held by men, sitting in trenches among their dead comrades. And then

School holiday fun at SKYCITY Auckland Sky Tower (AKA Rupunzels Tower)

I'm not gonna lie, I'm just not really that organised during the school holidays and haven't always planned what activities we can do around Auckland. So, I was pretty excited to be given a family pass to SKYCITY's Sky Tower, where they had family-oriented fun activities for kids during the school holidays! Read on to find out how you can win a family pass and $40 cafe voucher. ​ We took the kids up the Sky Tower in January earlier this year and they LOVED it! They think that Rapunzel lives in the tower, every time we drive past it they talk about their first visit up her tower haha. So they were extra excited this time to experience an entire western themed activity afternoon in the sky! Fr

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