Sticky Blue Popcorn - refined sugar free, gluten free, dairy free.

Scarlett was a bit sad when she came home from daycare and wasn't able to eat the coloured popcorn that the other kids were eating. So I decided to make some for her in her favourite "Frozen" colour shade of blue :) Ingredients: Popping corn (about 2 small handful's) 1 tablespoon coconut oil (you can sub butter for this if you can have dairy) 1 tablespoon rice syrup (you can sub honey for this) 3 drops of "naturally colourful" blue food colouring which is made from spirulina! from Naturally Cakes :)​​ pinch of salt. Pop the corn over medium heat in a lidded pot, stir pinch of salt over popcorn. Melt the coconut oil and rice syrup together drop in 3 drops of colouring into the coconut oil/ sy

Don't judge a diet! gluten free, dairy free... leave choices up to the individual

Holy hell batman, I have seen so many posts and articles about the gluten free diet choice on both sides of the coin... that it is more healthy... or that it is a fad that is stupid and unnecessary. Now I have had issues with food for a while now and I have found what foods I can eat and what foods will try and make a hasty escape like they are in some kind of internal horrible water park tube ride. 10 years ago I was told by a doctor to go onto a FODMAP diet, which I at the time pretty much ignored and just kept eating fruit and wheat laden bread like a champ. But that all caught up with me and eventually one by one I had to cut a lot of delicious things from my diet. Some people don't eat

Why I take my kids to McDonalds... sometimes.

Now I am quite aware that I am trying to be on some kind of healthy eating gig with myself and my kids... and I suppose I am supposed to be making a good example and all that. But I am also aware that I don't want to come off as some kind of sanctimonious bitch that only gives her kids organic green beans and hand caught snapper for dinner. I actually boycotted McDonalds for like 10 years. Only entering the premises a handful of times to use the bathroom. One of these bathroom stops was with my husband before we had kids. he was ordering himself a big mac or something and I managed to slip on the floor in front of the till. it was so slippery that I had to crawl out on my hands and knees in

Why I drink on Mondays - part 2

So I have a confession to make. on Monday after I popped the "Why I drink on Mondays" post up I had someone come around and drop off a card for my 4 year old (from her 4 year old) - I know its pretty cute! Anyway, I had a hard day (obviously, cause I wrote a blog about drinking on Mondays)... River woke up through the night, they were both cranky for the morning, it was raining you know, typical at home with the kids stuff. So I got a message from my friend that she was dropping the card off and I saw her outside in the car so I popped downstairs to get it and told her the kids were half asleep on the couch... which they were... with their various mind numbing technology watching you tube vi

Why I drink on Mondays

The super short answer: kids The short answer: Because there is no daycare on Mondays. The long answer: Because I spent 10 years being on and off sensitive to alcohol so never drank much... EVER. I spent 4 years of my life either pregnant or breastfeeding and never drank much... EVER Not that I feel like I should have to explain myself and I don't drink more that one bottle of wine a week and its usually only a glass a night. But I honestly think that if my husband has been working all weekend and the 3 year old has been waking every 3 hours with nightmares about dinosaurs and then Monday comes and you spend the day inside cause its raining and you have gone through the list of activities th

Want to know my secret? lets talk about before and after shots.

One of my pet hates is before and after shots because I know how easily they can be manipulated... How easily they can be faked. I have done both kinds of 'before and after' shots. The shot on the left is genuine, it is me and I explained how long it took me to get to that point and what was involved. It was for a photo shoot at Suede Studios that involved hair, makeup, clothing and amazing lighting. Clothes were pinned in place... there was even a fan to blow my hair around! I look like a freakin superstar but lets be honest it took a few hours haha The photographer also made me ridiculously photoshopped at my request to see what kind of reaction it would have. Would people prefer "A" the

'Double-Edged Sword' The Simonne Butler story: Review and blog

The story that this book tells is not only the events that gripped a nation, it is the events that preceded and then followed one of new Zealand's most famous crimes and court cases... Through the eyes of Simonne Butler. It was the crime that saw Simonne and Renee violently attacked with a Samurai sword by Antoine (Tony) Dixon while high on Methamphetamine in 2003. It was a crime that brought P use to light, it was a crime that stuck in my head for a very long time. I had been hanging out for this book, since I first saw it posted up on the Publisher (Mary Eagan Publishing's) Facebook page, and to meet Simonne in person was amazing, even though I became weirdy shy... I made my friend Sophia

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