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Don't judge a diet! gluten free, dairy free... leave choices up to the individual

Holy hell batman, I have seen so many posts and articles about the gluten free diet choice on both sides of the coin... that it is more healthy... or that it is a fad that is stupid and unnecessary.

Now I have had issues with food for a while now and I have found what foods I can eat and what foods will try and make a hasty escape like they are in some kind of internal horrible water park tube ride.

10 years ago I was told by a doctor to go onto a FODMAP diet, which I at the time pretty much ignored and just kept eating fruit and wheat laden bread like a champ.

But that all caught up with me and eventually one by one I had to cut a lot of delicious things from my diet.

Some people don't eat gluten for a variety of reasons, some are coeliac and they may get a instant reaction, a delayed reaction or they could be a silent coeliac with little immediate symptoms other than the deterioration of their intestinal villi which may just kill them later in life.

Some are allergic and will get hives and vomiting, others may get anaphalaxis and potentially die. Some may be intolerant, they may get cramping or bloating, reflux, lethargy, eczema or could give them depression, these symptoms may present itself within hours or days.

I have to constantly explain myself at parties, I think they just assume I am reaching for the celery and carrots because I am trying to loose weight, not that the sliced pear and creamy blue cheese is gonna send me into a farting frenzy.

Now I'm gonna share a pic. It is a pic of me and when you look at it, your first thoughts would probably be of pregnancy... its not... it is my usually fairly flat stomach bloated and hard!

Christmas time brought with it a lot of delicious things that I couldn't resist. Some foods that are healthy for most, but for me it made me look like I was 5 months pregnant!

Hummus, mushrooms, cherries, apple, pineapple, strawberries, pavlova with the cream scraped off, dried fruit slice and lots of wine! Things that you wouldn't think of as bad but was hell on my insides.

I was weak, especially when it came to fruit...

and cheese...

...and wine.

So why do you have to question anyone's choices? Why do you have any reason to question anyone's health or bowel movements.

So, don't judge a diet.

Leave choices up to the individual.

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