3 "sweet" ideas with Gerry's gluten free wraps

I found Gerry's Gluten free wraps a while ago and have been eating them ever since! They are convenient, keep really well, and are super versatile. I use the large ones as pizza bases, the medium sized ones as wraps for lunches and the minis I use when having Mexican dishes, to wrap up a sausage in or for snacks :) Without going into too much detail I have trouble digesting a variety of things such as fruit, high lactose foods such as milk and wheat based foods. It is annoying and I'm not gonna lie I get a LOT of eye rolls at restaurants. But I am not very aware of how much I can have of certain foods... 3 button mushrooms is OK.... 6 button mushrooms is bathroom city for 2 hours. The one th

Stuff I forgot to tell my daughter - by Michele A'Court - Review and blog

I read this book a few years ago after my friend Rachel gave it to me right after my second child was born, and I read it in a haze of tiredness, poop explosions and tantrums. And it was an entertaining funny read among the chaos. I was also convinced that I was going to teach my kids everything they needed to know about life by 5 years old! So far, my eldest Scarlett can put her shoes on 1 out of 5 times and wipe her arse on occasion by herself... that's about it. "Stuff I forgot to tell my daughter" is a book penned from the mind of a of a panicked mother after sending her child off on their own... worried that she would try and dry her socks in the toaster LOL. Michele has written a great

Safe essential oils for babies and the dangers of some.

Essential oils can be healing, have amazing properties and make things smell great. I use them all the time on myself, I have tea tree face wash, I use lavender oil under my pillow for my anxiety and I use orange oil in cleaning products. But I also want to put it out there that they can also be dangerous, for babies and young children. They are concentrated and for good reason should be used with a carrier oil when they are to be placed on the skin. I have seen people place straight clove oil onto the gums of babies, eucalyptus oil dotted onto the side of cots, unaware that using these oils could cause respiratory distress or stop their child's breathing. Research should always be taken out

Weird and wonderful items to put in your bath.

I really wanted to title this post "The awesome, random shit that I put in the bath!" but I thought maybe that wouldn't do as well on the old Google search engine hahaha. Now who doesn't like a nice hot soak in the bath? In all honestly my bath usually involves one of the kids coming in and talking about ponies and fairies and poop and I spend ten minutes trying to shoo them out to give me just five minutes of peace. So although my baths might not be the most relaxing... yet, but the one thing I love to do is experiment with things to put in the bath... like really experiment! haha. Below are my favourite items to put in my bath. Epsom salts - are a naturally occurring pure mineral compound

Try garden vege swapping in your community!

We have a surplus of passion fruit... so much passion fruit I feel like I should add it to my asset list cause that shit is expensive! We are trying to cut down our food bill and here I was with enough passion fruit to buy an Auckland house... OK not actually even close, but still, we had a lot. So I thought I would try and swap some :) I popped up a post on my local mummy group and asked if anyone wanted to swap some things.... And they did! Check out all the amazing things from all the amazing gardens that are just down the road from me. Carbon footprint is zero and the produce is super fresh and delicious! So if you have a garden, try it out, start up a swap! I have limes and feijoas comi

Rolling with the punchlines – by Urzila Carlson – Review and blog

No word of a lie this book took me 7 days to read! (you will probably only see the irony in that if you knew that Urzila frequents the program 7 days)…. None the less it is true. Usually if I know I am going to review a book that I am reading I will write notes scribbled down or typed on a word document saved lazily on the desktop of my computer, but with this one I accidentally just read the whole thing and forgot about all that. I did think about things to say in the shower… but until someone invents a waterproof notebook, those ideas often just get flushed down the drain. However a few days after I finished the book I wrote down three stupid things…. this is what they were… “OMG she shot

Anxiety.... In case of emergency... medication.

A few weeks ago I had a doctors appointment about my anxiety. You can read about it HERE. I just came back from the doctors a few hours ago, my blood work came back fine, which is a relief, although it just really means that it is all in my head (so to speak). I possibly have low grade depression (based on a questionnaire) which I am sure at least 50% of the population probably has anyway... But the anxiety is still there. I now have some "in case of emergency medication" these are my words of course, I am calling them this because I feel like it is nice to know they are there, but I want to be able to do everything I can to not have to resort to them if possible. I said that I would keep y

Too much of a good thing... brazil nuts.

Did you know that you can have too many brazil nuts?.... My husband didn't lol. He was feeling sick one week and couldn't pin it down until I saw him reaching for a handful of brazil nuts. I asked him if he was having many of them a day... he was. ...and it was making him sick... ...He was having too much Selenium... ...Waaaaaayyyyy too much Selenuim... ...WTF!... Brazil nuts are a great source of selenium, something we lack in our NZ soil. But did you know you can have too much? SO how many brazil nuts are we able to have per day? The answer may surprise you... 2! 2 nuts will give you over 100% (almost 200%) of your daily recommended dose of selenium Any more that 4 nuts a day can cause vom

Catastrophizing! 7 ways to fight the anxiety.

I had a doctors visit about anxiety and in it a word came up... "catastrophizing". It is where you create a scenario that have disastrous outcomes and it can come in two forms. The first; is making a catastrophe out of a situation, maybe you forgot to lock the gate at your home and you create scenarios about the kids escaping, getting run over... getting kidnapped. The second; is scenarios involving the future, when you look to the future and anticipate things going wrong, in my case it usually involves natural disasters and fighting for your life. I have an over imaginative mind, hence why I am drawn to writing. you give me one item a theme and a character trait and I can probably write you

'Spilt Milk Yoga' by Cathryn Monro, review and blog

Initial thoughts after picking up the book. When I first took this book from the shelf of the 'Woman's bookshop in Ponsonby' I wondered if I had bitten off more than I could chew... I'm a mother... sure. But I'm not totally sure if what I thought might be a "Too deep and meaningful for me to grasp, self help book" would actually help me with anything in my life. I read the words on the back... "a companion guide for mothers who want to experience the happiness, peace, and purpose available in each moment and want to be more present and connected to themselves and their children". Did she knew my kids were 3 and 4!?... LOL I mean I would be ecstatic if I could just play nicely with them for 3

DIY activated charcoal water filter

I'm not gonna lie, I love doing this kind of thing although I don't think I would actually like to HAVE to do it if an actual emergency arose. We have a swimming pool and chlorine and a commercial water filter upstairs so I am sure that if we needed water we would actually be fine. But this is the kind of experiment I love to do :) Activated charcoal can be used to build your own makeshift water filtration system using a large empty coke bottle, a few pebbles some clean sand and a fine cloth like the chux superwipes. What you will need... Activated charcoal (I used Activated charcoal from Pure Nature) Large empty plastic bottle Some small pebbles Clean sand A fine cloth like the chux superwi

Natural items for your emergency kit.

Now some people may or may not know that I am a bit of a 'prepper"... I'm not extreme, but we do have a comprehensive medical kit, a plan in case of emergency, a non-mains gas system and 10,000 litres of water on hand in our pool with a natural plan to filtrate the water. I also like to keep a good months worth of food in a room we may or may not call the "war room"... ...Its called "the war room"... I am 70% sure that there may be a zombie apocalypse in my lifetime so I want to stay prepped and ready to go... some people may also know of my tsunami fears. But seriously after the events that my parents had to endure after the Christchurch earthquake I feel that it is important to stay prepar

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