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Anxiety.... In case of emergency... medication.

A few weeks ago I had a doctors appointment about my anxiety.

You can read about it HERE.

I just came back from the doctors a few hours ago, my blood work came back fine, which is a relief, although it just really means that it is all in my head (so to speak).

I possibly have low grade depression (based on a questionnaire) which I am sure at least 50% of the population probably has anyway... But the anxiety is still there.

I now have some "in case of emergency medication" these are my words of course, I am calling them this because I feel like it is nice to know they are there, but I want to be able to do everything I can to not have to resort to them if possible.

I said that I would keep you updated on the anxiety and I was actually hesitant, as on my drive back from the doctors a scenario ran through my head... what if some druggy people find out that I have some medication in my bag and then they kidnap me and murder me for it... I better not post about it.... nor can I leave the house with it...

I thought that I would be walking somewhere and the kidnappers would see the anxiety written all over my face and they will know that I have 10 little white pills of medium dose lorazepam and they will come in a black van with tinted windows and take me and then find it in my bag and then in the confusion I will pull down the kidnappers balaclava and then he would have no option other than to kill me as I have seen his face!

...You know logical thinking type shit....

But, I knew that wouldn't happen, I took a breath calmed my thoughts and made myself a salad.


I have said it once and I will say it again... If you think that you might need help with anything please see a doctor and take the first step. Even if this level of anxiety is "the new normal", that doesn't mean you have to suffer through it.If all it does is give you the knowledge that you are not alone and give you some ideas and steps to ease your anxiety, then please go and see a doctor or fill out the questionnaire at...

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