Anxiety - Why you should take the first step.

Life is filled with anxiety, some just deal with it better than others... and I was pretty sure I dealt with it better than others. But maybe that was before I realized that maybe my fears weren't always normal... I mean everyone thinks about a tsunami every night coming down their street towards the house right? Everyone has 4 months supply of rice and beans in there emergency kit in case of said tsunami. Everyone worries about a random tiger attack while within 5km of Auckland zoo. Everyone has the passenger windows down 2mm just in case they randomly died and the kids needed to yell for help and needed to be heard. Everyone checks to see if the kids are breathing before they go to bed. Ev

Why the pH of your skin matters - keep your skin healthy... and acidic.

When we were searching for something to calm by babies eczema i was told that baking soda in the bath would be good... beneficial... and calming. But I want to let you know why this is bad advice for some people... Your skin has very fine, slightly acidic film (skin sebum and the sweat on your skin) on the surface called the acid mantle which protects the body from germs and bacteria and likes to sit at around PH 5.5. If your skin becomes too alkaline instead of acidic, that protective mantle will not work, follicles will dilate which will increase the permeability of the skin which can then become more vulnerable to microorganisms, fungi and irritants. So when our babies eczema became worse

Cochineal, E120, carmine... The little red food colouring bug and allergies.

After much research when we found our own child was allergic to red food colouring. It was a natural red food colouring that is made from the crushed up carcass of the cochineal beetle. YEP.. THE CRUSHED CARCUSS... ...OF A BEETLE. For many months my daughter came home from daycare itchy and vomiting, she had fevers randomly and would break out in full body hives. She stopped eating at 2 years old and sometimes would just live on formula for weeks at a time. then finally we figured out my daughters allergy after she was playing with some playdoh and she became violently sick. It happened again after painting with red paint, and sadly again after I kissed her wearing pink lipstick. It was awes

Mrs, Miss and Ms. Why do females have to choose their marital status, but men do not?

I saw on a friends Facebook post, asking the question about why do we have to choose a title such as Mr or Mrs? In fact his exact words were.... "The whole concept of selecting a title, such as Mr, or Mrs, is so outdated and offensive. We're not living in the 19th fucken century, can we do away with this antiquated crap already!?" hahaha But this got me thinking also, why do specifically women have to choose a title based on their marital status? Why is it what I have to fill out a form I have disclose my marital status (or choose not to with "Ms") but a man doesn't? He just gets to use the title Mr. And lets just be honest here, the title 'Ms' isn't just an option for those not wanting to r

Alternatives to eucalyptus, when you have a eucalyptus allergy/sensitivity.

After using a natural toothpaste that contained eucalyptus I discovered that it was not something I EVER wanted to put in my mouth again! Laboured breathing, chest congestion, wheezing, itchy mouth and uncontrollable coughing was immediate but at least subsided after about 15 minutes. it explained why vicks never worked on me and why my asthma became worse after smelling or using cleaning products with eucalyptus in it. Now eucalyptus is great for cleaning and can in many cases be good for congestion in adults. but in many cases is is not so great. 3.5mls is fatal for adults and it is not recommended for under 10 year olds due to the high amounts of the constituent 1,8-cineole. It is recomme

Natural activated charcoal toothpaste

This is natural toothpaste made from activated charcoal, baking soda and coconut oil. Commercial toothpastes contain a variety of toxic ingredients and colourings and as I am allergic to eucalyptus I couldn't have some of the natural toothpastes on offer. I also wanted to try out my new bamboo toothbrushes from Mama Bear which are an eco-friendly alternative to the plastic alternative, they have nice soft bristles and I love the round handles. I have been wanting to try this for a while but was too scared as it looked like it was going to be messy and taste disgusting and I'm not gonna lie, it WAS messy and did taste a little like farts! What you will need: 1 teaspoon coconut oil 1 teaspoon

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