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Mrs, Miss and Ms. Why do females have to choose their marital status, but men do not?

I saw on a friends Facebook post, asking the question about why do we have to choose a title such as Mr or Mrs? In fact his exact words were.... "The whole concept of selecting a title, such as Mr, or Mrs, is so outdated and offensive. We're not living in the 19th fucken century, can we do away with this antiquated crap already!?" hahaha

But this got me thinking also, why do specifically women have to choose a title based on their marital status? Why is it what I have to fill out a form I have disclose my marital status (or choose not to with "Ms") but a man doesn't?

He just gets to use the title Mr.

And lets just be honest here, the title 'Ms' isn't just an option for those not wanting to reveal their marital status. It just gets used by women over 40 who aren't married yet... are you young and free, married, or old and unmarried? - That's what those titles really are lol!

Do we use these titles because we need to know the sex of someone? Does that matter? Why, when I am filling out my car registration form do they need to know what is between my legs?

And what about the title of Dr. they get to choose if they use the title Dr... or not. What if your name is Dr Alex Harper? how do you know what sex you are? does it matter?

I understand the formalities of the titles and I am fine with that, if someone wants to introduce me as Mrs or Ms or whatever, I actually don't care although I still think that 'Mrs Michelle Beard' sounds so weird sometimes even though I have been married for nearly 7 years.

But maybe it is time to do away with the concept of selecting a title, why does everyone need to know I have a vagina or that I am married.

Just call me Michelle Beard.


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