DIY Dry shampoo recipe

I made some DIY dry shampoo! Which totally worked! The only thing I would suggest is to NOT... I repeat... DO NOT put it in an empty garlic shaker... my hair might not be greasy anymore but it sure smells like garlic! Hahaha Recipe: 1 teaspoon Bentonite clay - I get mine from pure nature 5 teaspoons Cornflour (cornstarch for the Americans) Place into a shaker or just in a jar with a spoon and place on the scalp of your hair in small amounts and rub in.

Redundancy on maternity leave and the sexism that followed at WINZ (work and income New Zealand)

This is my journey from being the working mum, to being made redundant during pregnancy, to finally being the stay at home parent after the government told me I was unable to be the “primary earner”, because I was a woman.... In the winter of 2013 I had a phone call from a work mate, it was a seemingly innocent phone call about whether I could pop into the office for a staff meeting. I was 5cm dilated and laughed through contractions during the phone call stating “nope, can’t come in, the baby’s head was nearly out!” I had been on maternity leave after going into early labour at 35 weeks, I was instructed to lay down and do very little so that the contractions would slow down from every 15 m

Enid and her two mums - book review

I cant lie, I had pretty much given this book my full respect and admiration before I even lifted up it's first page. Equality in the LBGTQ community has always been important to me, I even have a slightly neglected Facebook page "Humans who support LBGT rights" that is dedicated to... well... humans who just happen to identify as being as LBGTQ. This book opens up the dialogue to talk about children who might have not only two mums, but two dads, or one mum or even one dad. I read it to my 5 year old and she was funny, she was curious about the two mums but after chatting seemed just as interested in Enid's hair... "yes mummy, but how did she get her ponytail so high on her head" she asked,

Natural bath mix for sensitive skin - recipe.

I actually sold this at one point on my Ecomonkey website. It was a mix that I made up when we were dealing with my oldest child's eczema. Just a couple of spoonfuls in the bath every second night and she was clean. It contains Himalayan bath salts to cleanse, vitamin c to neutralize chlorine, Epsom salts to relax, is scented with relaxing lavender oil, invigorating orange oil. The addition of the soap nuts makes it an awesome all round cleanser that is gentle and natural on skin. The ingredients Epsom salts - are a naturally occurring pure mineral compound of magnesium and sulfate and are readily absorbed through the skin and into the body's blood stream. Magnesium helps to improve muscle a

Honest mummy cocktail recipes - not for the faint hearted.

Sometimes mummies just need to have a drink. We work hard outside the house in jobs that are demanding with leaky bladders that we blame on our two year olds! We deal with the daily grind as a stay at home mums, the endless half finished craft projects and outings that always end in some kind of poo explosion. We deal with sleepless nights, washing piles, pepper pig and tummy bugs. We deal with the "mummy labels" on a daily basis, the paranoia and a love so great we sometimes cannot cope. This is for all the mummy guilt! Drink to the boobs we left behind! Toast to the mummy tummies! Because at the end of the day we need a laugh :) For ma MILFS! HONEST MUMMY COCKTAILS "Mummy guilt" 1 part vod

What is the #goodtroll?

It seems like the old saying "if you don't have anything nice to say then just don't say anything at all" is making a comeback in the form of a hashtag, but also taking it one step further! I talked to Cherie form PEPPER AND ME about her new movement that gained momentum over snapchat on Thursday morning and the new popular hashtag that is filling the internet. "#goodtroll was a brief passing idea that came to me on Thursday morning when I decided I was going to have a good day, not a shit day like yesterday! I challenged everyone on snapchat to send heartfelt nice message to someone they follow or look up to or just think is awesome in general, and everyone who heard or saw that challenge h

My kid is turning FIVE! What to expect when enrolling them at school.

I'm not gonna lie, I'm quietly freaking out. Although I am pretty much telling everyone I know. and posting it on social media and writing a blog about it, so its not quietly freaking out, its quite loudly I think. Scarlett turned 5 yesterday and is off to school in 2 weeks! Its all a bit over whelming and I'm not sure what are the steps to take, am I forgetting stuff to do or forgetting things to ask the school? There is no one actually telling you what to expect, what practical steps you need to be taking and what questions you need to ask. I decided to do a bit of a checklist as in all honesty you seem to be expected to magically know how everything works and how to enroll you kid. I like

Dairy free 'cream egg' recipe

Tash from THE A WORD has created the best recipe for an indulgent dairy free cream egg for those people like me who haven't eaten a cream egg in 15 years! :) Guest blog by Tash from THE A WORD. This week hasn’t been easy, I had to have a rant on The A Word about mum shaming, does anyone else think it’s stupid and needs to stop? I know everyone judges and even if you think you don’t it just human nature and it is what you choose to do about it is what counts. I’m not on track with my study, I only have 3 weeks to go before I hand everything in and its looking close to impossible right now. I’m sure I’ll get there I’ll be needing a lot of coffee and may have to end up bribing myself. This year

'Beyond the Known World' Review

Recently separated parents Carl and Julie, must unify in order to find their missing daughter in the depths of India. Where every desperate step forward for the pair into India, its inhabitants, scenery and culture creates mixed feelings of hope and despair. They discover along the way who her daughter Eva had become, away from the safety of New Zealand… They learn about her innate desire for wanderlust in a country filled with beauty and spiritual spaces and who she became… good or bad is thrown into question. The beauty, vibrancy and underworld of India were all realized wonderfully in this film directed by Pan Nalin and written by Dianne Taylor. The film is also beautifully captured by ci

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