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Enid and her two mums - book review

I cant lie, I had pretty much given this book my full respect and admiration before I even lifted up it's first page.

Equality in the LBGTQ community has always been important to me, I even have a slightly neglected Facebook page "Humans who support LBGT rights" that is dedicated to... well... humans who just happen to identify as being as LBGTQ.

This book opens up the dialogue to talk about children who might have not only two mums, but two dads, or one mum or even one dad.

I read it to my 5 year old and she was funny, she was curious about the two mums but after chatting seemed just as interested in Enid's hair... "yes mummy, but how did she get her ponytail so high on her head" she asked, haha.

When I was told that my Auntie Robyn was gay, it was said over the dinner table during a roast dinner, I thought nothing of it really at the time except it meant that both parents were at the dinner table and might be watching how many vegetables I was eating.

Kids have no perception of what is considered the norm, they only know what they are faced with, what is right in front of them... what we, as parents teach them.

It is important to me to teach them that same sex couples/parents are no different than other parents, that equality is normal, that love is universal and not reserved for just a man and a woman who want to be together.

I truly hope and believe that this generation will think nothing of having a same sex relationship and a same sex couple raising a child.

It is an important book that every child should have the chance of reading, it has an engaging story and beautiful pictures for your children to enjoy.

You can check out Enid and her two mums on Facebook HERE

And order online HERE

4 1/2 Pumpkins

Watch Scarlett unwrapping her book below :)

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