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Stardust - Book Review

You can tell that there are many voices and experiences that have shaped this book. Which has important message of hope and a longing for connection when your loved one is far away.

Stardust explores the emotions from a young girl that come along with having a parent in prison.

It is an important story to tell from the child’s point of view. It is told without without judgement and contains universally recognised themes that everyone is different, we all share hopes and dreams and that at the end of the day we all share the same sky as another who may be looking up at the very same moment, and that gives us comfort.

The book begins opens with the revelation that the little girls mother is in prison. This opened up a mountain of questions from my two kids. But it also kept them interested in the story until the very last page.

Published by Little Love Books, Stardust is a beautiful book written by Ivana Mlinac who conveyed the story of longing beautifully and illustrated by Porsche Tiavale who created a wonderful world of light on dark, like the crayon scratch art I did as a child.

My girls really loved the activities placed on the last 2 pages such as the stardust jar and hand tracing activity. I thought that these were a really nice touch.

You can purchase 'Stardust' from bookstores nationwide and online from The Dorothy Butler Children' Bookshop.

Its four Pumpkins from me.

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