Emoji's can say a lot 💖

I sometimes reply to comments with this little heart emoji 💖. But I just want to explain what it means as after I commented on something yesterday I got the response "really? Got nothing constructive to actually say?!?!". Not going to say where, or who it was, (it wasn't on the Pumpkins in trees FB page or anything) :) I just wanted to say that this little heart says many things.... it says... "I dont know what to say, what you have written is so heartfelt and sad" "Sorry for your loss" "I love what you have written here" "I love this picture" "How cute is this" "I feel for you right now" "Sending my love" "I'm sorry" So yep, obviously depending on the content it will mean differ

Anxiety - I am A-OK

I keep forgetting to update you on the Anxiety front. After the last 2 blogs about my anxiety I received some great messages of support and a phone call from a very panicked mother a few weeks ago who finally started to read some of my blogs... (I may have neglected to tell her about getting some medication). But I just want everyone to know that I am doing fine. I have had one pill a week or so ago, which I actually took because my back was having a bit of a spasm and causing some pain and anxiety. I'm actually glad that I did because of cause I was scared of taking the medication unless it gave me side effects, it is also such a low dose that I'm not even sure it really did anything... Of

DIY toner/skin calming spray.

During our lengthy battle with Scarlett's eczema we tried so many creams, doctors were next to useless and I had googled "eczema cure" about 2,456 times. Some advice was weird, others made sense, but almost always it was advice about what you should but in the bath and then what to put on the skin after a bath. We tried... oats, epsom salts and baking powder in the bath then coconut oil, almond oil, kawakawa oil, aloe vera, or rosehip oil on her skin, about 5 different types of google recommended moisturisers including imported stuff from Australia. That crap that the doctors prescribe... what is it called? fatty cream, gah! Hydrocortisone... more hydrocortisone.... Most things never worked

The "A" choice: STOP, It's not your abortion!

In New Zealand at the moment our prime minister wants nothing to do with updating the crime act that is abortion. It is the only medical procedure in the crimes act! I am a woman who believes in choice. Watching some of the comments being thrown around in regards to this breaks my heart... "Is this the common form of contraception these days?" "Why don't women just close their legs?" "It just legitimizes killing babies!" I always find it odd that it is often an opinionated male voicing their opinion on a procedure that is solely performed on women. Now I'm not saying that no one should have an opinion, but like other opinions that you voice, you have to realize that your opinion can pass jud

Crunchy, healthy coconut butter bites

I thought up this recipe last night in bed and wondered if it would work and be delicious... It is :) It is 3 ingredients and uses the clean Paleo natural breakfast blends and the Poppy and olive coconut butter and a poppy and olive nut butter (I used the Vanilla bean cashew and coconut but you could use any of their nut butters. It is gluten free and dairy free. You will need: 5 heaped tablespoons Cacao Berry breakfast blend from Clean Paleo 2 heaped tablespoon Coconut Butter (Poppy and Olive) 2 heaped tablespoon Vanilla Bean cashew and coconut butter (Poppy and Olive)- try and avoid the oil on the top and dig down to the firmer stuff :) Melt the coconut butter then stir in the nut butter a

DIY orange oil cleaner

I wrote the blog 'natural items for your emergency kit' a while ago and it had among other items baking soda, vinegar and orange oil. Orange oil has amazing antibacterial and antiseptic uses, vinegar is a natural cleaner, and baking soda is a fantastic deodorizer and multipurpose disinfectant! But Vodka? Yup. It helps I use this around the house on a daily basis so I thought it deserved its own blog :) I love it, it makes the house clean but most of all smell amazing. I LOVE orange oil! Its the most simple recipe and you can either use a mini spray bottle from a dollar store or reuse an old spray bottle. You will need (for a mini spray bottle that is 100mls): 1/4 teaspoon baking soda 1 teas

The benefits of playing with play dough and 5 fun play dough activities.

Every aspect of playing with play dough is enjoyable for children. It is a tactile experience where children can explore the sensory qualities… They can squish, mold, roll it flat, create shapes, press objects inside it, smell it and create different colour combinations. Working play dough with their hands develops the child’s large and small muscles. Play dough can be an effective stress release – we all know that children can become stressed and frustrated and playing with play dough is a calming activity. It helps to build an active imagination. It aids in eye-hand coordination and improves fine motor skills. Playing with play dough can be cooperative play when used with other children, i

Make your own naturally coloured lip-balm with cocoa butter and beetroot.

Easy adult and kid friendly lip balm made with beetroot and items from the supermarket. The blog I wrote a while back titled "Cochineal, E120, carmine... "The little red food colouring bug and allergies" was written after my daughter had a reaction to my lip gloss when I kissed her. Unknowingly it contained cochineal beetle (that she is allergic to), so I decided I would try and make my own so there would be no more buggy kisses from mummy :) Mmmmwwwwaaaaahh! I made this with Scarlett last week so she could have "lip stick" and it lasts for a couple of weeks in a coolish place :) Ingredients: 1 cocoa butter button (I used the matakana superfoods one that I found at Paknsave) 1 teaspoon of o

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