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The "A" choice: STOP, It's not your abortion!

In New Zealand at the moment our prime minister wants nothing to do with updating the crime act that is abortion.

It is the only medical procedure in the crimes act!

I am a woman who believes in choice.

Watching some of the comments being thrown around in regards to this breaks my heart...

"Is this the common form of contraception these days?"

"Why don't women just close their legs?"

"It just legitimizes killing babies!"

I always find it odd that it is often an opinionated cis male voicing their opinion on a procedure that is solely performed on people with a uterus.

Now I'm not saying that no one should have an opinion, but like other opinions that you voice, you have to realize that your opinion can pass judgement on another persons decision... a decision that is not actually yours to make.

I have NEVER met a person who has either had to think about an abortion or actually have one performed take the decision lightly.

A lot of women so not disclose their reasons but I want to just go over a few statistics...

In NZ in 2014 there were 13,000 abortions.

1,430 of these abortions were young girls... younger than 15, some as young as 10, scared, still growing themselves, too young to carry a child too young to contemplate what having a baby would entail.

1,040 of these women are older, some as old as 55! imagine that, being 55 and facing being a mother knowing that if you had that child you would probably never see your child have a family of their own...

130 of these abortions were because they were raped! 130 women raped in NZ, who fell pregnant then had to face having an abortion, who face being judged for doing so.

65 of these abortions will be due to incest! Imagine that? incest! A girl not only having to go through an ordeal like incest from a father, grandfather, uncle or brother, they then have chosen to have an abortion...

I agree that if your own sperm or womb was involved in the making of a child you are entitled to an opinion (unless in the case of incest or rape). BUT the final decision should be with the woman, why? because it his her bloody body!

Don't forget these women all have personalities, feelings, these women or girls could be your friends or family.

Spread love, not judgement.


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