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DIY Foundation Recipe

I have been making and using this recipe for the past 4 years, tailoring it and tweaking the amount of different mica colours. I haven't bought foundation for myself since 2019 and it has been something that is now part of my makeup routine. It saves me loads of money as the raw ingredients cost a fraction of what I would usually spend on foundation and I make other makeup with supplies such as daily oil serums, blush, bronzer, eyeshadow etc.

I also seem to only make a batch every year or so, and it's been one of the most successful changes I have made!

This recipe is made up of two parts, the powder which is kept in a small jar and the oil mix which is used to mix the foundation as you go.

by placing a small amount of the powder into your hand and then using an oil to mix as you go you can make it fresh each time and eliminate the need for preservatives.

This DIY foundation creates a dewy look that you can then add a finishing powder (bronzer or highlighter powder) over the top if you wish.

The colours used are put together for my skin tone which is a light pinky tone. experimenting with the colours and adding less or more may take a while (it sure did for me). Note down amounts as you add colours so you can recreate it the next time. sometimes using a foundation you already use and trying to create that colour is the easiest way to go also.

All the ingredients can be found at Go Native, my new favourite online shop! They have such fantastic raw ingredients for DIY recipes that also commit to sustainable packaging.

Ingredients for the powder mix:

3 teaspoons Zinc Oxide

1/2 teaspoon Magnesium Stearate

1/2 teaspoon Silica Microspheres

1/2 teaspoon Yellow Iron Oxide

1/4 teaspoon Purple Mica

1/4 teaspoon Bronze Satin Mica

1/8 teaspoon Brown Iron Oxide

1/8 teaspoon Princess Peach Mica

Mix together all the ingredients (you can use a mortar and pestle, although I recently bought a small coffee grinder to do the job) and place into a small jar. The powders are not good to be inhaled and I find the coffee grinder creates less chance of the powders being inhaled or making their way into the mouth or eyes. Please use a face mask when decanting into a jar for storage.

Ingredients for the oil mix:

1 drop Vitamin E

Mix into a small dropper bottle.

In the palm of your hand place a small amount of foundation powder mix, then add 2 or 3 drops of oil mix in. Mix with your finger.

For a thicker consistency like concealer use a drop less oil, and for a more thinner tinted foundation consistency use an extra drop of oil.

Use your finger or a makeup brush to apply.


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