Will you be OK if your child is Gay? Raising money for InsideOUT

I think as parents it it a good thing to think and ponder about... You have a beautiful child, who you love more than anything, but I want you to ask the question... If your child identifies as LBGTQIA (Lesbian, Bisexual, Gay, Transgender, Queer/ Questions their sexuality, Intersex or Asexual)... will you be OK? I put this first question towards my Facebook followers and friends... "Will you be OK if your child is gay" and the results were overwhelmingly positive, but many had never actually thought about it. Many of the people asked had overwhelmingly said that nothing would change the love that they have for their child. Some were strangely incensed that the question even needed to be aske

Charity auction for InsideOUT

Charity auction for ‘InsideOUT’. I have created a trademe auction where all proceeds are going to InsideOUT, you can check out the listing HERE. It is a bulk lot of items for mums and bubs worth over $350 to raise money but also create awareness for the youth in NZ who identify as LBGTQIA. This Charity auction is to raise money for the non-profit organisation 'InsideOUT' a Charity who support youth in New Zealand who identify as LBGTQIA (Lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, questioning, intersex, and asexual). InsideOUT work within the community to decrease bullying and create safe spaces for these youth. To create support for them and their families. This charity campaign asks the question.

Punching girls because you like them?

So my little girl was punched in the face last week at school :( They thought her nose was broken, but luckily it wasn't. She was sitting in her class on the mat with the rest of her classmates and her jumper accidentally touched the arm of the boy next to her so he took a swing at her and punched her in the face. I mentioned it on Snapchat and to our friends and family when I saw them during that week. and some of the comments and reactions seemed a bit weird to me.... "Its maybe because he likes her"... "I bet that kid has a crush on her!"... It never actually crossed my mind that violence towards her could mean that he likes her? Is this still a thing? If I had of said that a girl punched

Life experiences for children, am I not giving them enough?

I posted up on the Facebook page that I was taking my kids out to a restaurant for the first time and asked if anyone else took their kids out to restaurants. There were lots that did, and some that didn't and some that questioned how they were ever going to learn how to behave in a restaurant if I didn't take them... which is true, how are they supposed to know how to behave in a restaurant? Or on a plane ride (we haven't done that yet either), or in a movie theatre... nope they have never even been to a movie! How are they supposed to know how to behave while walking the streets of Paris, or on a private jet? I have no idea! The more I thought about it the more I wondered if we have been d

Super Easy DIY Carpet Deodoriser

This is a 2 ingredient Carpet deodoriser that is just baking soda and an essential oil (I used lavender). Ingredients Essential oil -if you need to check out safe essential oils for babies you can check it out HERE :) Baking soda Jar Instructions in a large bowl add 1 cup of baking soda to 10 drops of essential oil. Mix together and place into the jar. Poke holes in the top of the jar with a sharp knife and sprinkle over carpet. Leave for 5 minutes and then vacuum up. Easy :)

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