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Will you be OK if your child is Gay? Raising money for InsideOUT

I think as parents it it a good thing to think and ponder about... You have a beautiful child, who you love more than anything, but I want you to ask the question... If your child identifies as LBGTQIA (Lesbian, Bisexual, Gay, Transgender, Queer/ Questions their sexuality, Intersex or Asexual)... will you be OK?

I put this first question towards my Facebook followers and friends... "Will you be OK if your child is gay" and the results were overwhelmingly positive, but many had never actually thought about it.

Many of the people asked had overwhelmingly said that nothing would change the love that they have for their child.

Some were strangely incensed that the question even needed to be asked, and some were open and welcoming to the idea but were worried that family and friends may not be as supportive.

Those who had felt the sting of words filled with homophobic judgement felt that some parents needed to wake up and look at their child for who they are, “People who would choose to take away their child's happiness, just because it doesn't suit their image of how their child should be, are just vile parents” said Jessica Skogstad author of ‘Enid and her two mums’.

Some said that they would struggle, not because of their child’s sexuality but because of society and its judgement towards the LBGTQIA community. One woman who was in a same-sex relationship herself said “I know how horrible it can be to be judged and treated second class based purely on who you love. I wouldn't wish any hardship or judgement on him and this world can be cruel to anyone that is slightly different... I guess I just hope he doesn't have to walk in the same footsteps that I have”.

There was something glaringly obvious about the comments... they were mostly from women, even though many males were tagged.

I asked Tabby Besley from InsideOUT weather it was more common for fathers to have more trouble accepting a child who is LBGTQIA, "yes, it is more common for fathers to have a harder time accepting their children" Said Tabby, "I think it's linked into the way society teaches what it means to be male and how rigid that can be, so men are often more sensitive to difference, and particularly if they have a gay son then that can really challenge their own sense of masculinity because gay men are so often associated with or stereotyped as feminine and maybe it's seen as a reflection on them" Tabby said.

I also only asked the question "Will you be OK if your child is Gay?", which covers... Lesbian, Bisexual, Gay or Questions their sexuality in general.

But what about if your child is Transexual, Asexual, or is born Intersex?

What if they are born in the wrong body (trans), has no sexual feelings whatsoever (asexual) or is born with a reproductive or sexual anatomy that doesn't seem to fit the typical definitions of female or male (intersex)... Will you also be OK?

Society needs to change and become more inclusive, we shouldn't have to worry that our child will grow up and not be accepted into it because of who they are or who they love.

InsideOUT needs funding to help these kids and produce some resources for the families of these kids :)

All funds from the charity auction will be going to InsideOUT.

You can find the auction on Trademe under the title “Bulk lot 'Baby and Mum' pack Charity Auction for InsideOUT'. You can find the link HERE.

The auction contains items from generous businesses in Australia and New Zealand.

A huge thank you to all the businesses who donated items!

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