Freezing Food in Cubes

Half of my freezer is stuff frozen into cube form!

From grated zucchini, grated carrot, passion fruit, blended feijoa pulp to gravy and grated ginger.

It originally started when Scarlett started solids and I made all of her baby food and placed it into ice cube form all ready to go when she needed it.

Its a money saving thing, but its also a way to reduce our wastage from food. it saves time and also means that I have things that I can whip out of the freezer to use in dishes or in drinks at short notice. I also have to say that it also stops me from overindulging on certain things like feijoa when it is in season... as me and fruit doesn't mix well when you have a fructose intolerance lol.

I have compiled a list of all the things that I put in the freezer but let me know what you freeze also and I can add it to my list.


lemon juice/ Lime juice - my mum has too many lemons on her tree so I freeze the juice to freeze then pop the cubes into soda in summer. Also we have a lime tree, so the juice from our limes goes into the freezer too... add some mint if you like a bit of mint in your drink.

Feijoa pulp - perfect for smoothies and there is so much of it around during the feijoa season.

Chai - I bought a large jar of chai concentrate and as it only lasts for 3 months and we only have chai occasionally I froze it into measured (10ml) all ready to use when we like it.

Lemon honey ginger drink mix - So in winter time this is a great idea. just freeze a concentrate mix of lemon, honey and finely grated ginger, then when you want a drink just pop a cube into the mug and add boiling water.

Coffee - Want to make up a quick iced coffee? freeze cubes of either espresso or filtered back coffee, then when you want to have an iced coffee just blend with milk.

Passion fruit - I froze all the leftover passion fruit pulp from our vine in February this year and I pop in into soda water as a drink.

Smoothies - Ingredients for smoothies can be frozen such as kiwifruit, berries, yogurt and bananas.

Ingredients for dishes/ cakes/ dinner

Banana - too many bananas? blend up or mash and make into cubes to use later on in smoothies or in cakes (5 ice cubes is around one banana).

Tomato paste - I bought a bunch of tomato paste in tins from reduced to clear for 80c. I wasn't going to use the whole tin so just pop it in the ice tray to freeze then put it in your dishes later.

Ginger - Finely grate ginger and freeze into cubes for use in stir fry's curries and chow-mein.

Grated foods - like carrot and zucchini - Finely grate and freeze in ice trays. So great to get vegetables into the kids this way as they cant see the veges!

Tomato- blend up whole tomatoes (take off skin if you prefer and freeze into cubes for use in soups

Rice - You can freeze cooked rice, you just have to be careful about how you do it. Quick cool it (run it under cold water after it has been cooked), then place in ice tray to freeze imediatly.

Gravy - yep I freeze this too because for some reason the kids will only eat peas if it has gravy on it lol. So easy to take out and defrost.

Spaghetti sauce - perfect for small servings of spaghetti for the kids or for a single serving for lunch.

Baby food - You can make baby food in cube form too. Such an easy way to make and keep it. check out a baby food blog I wrote for Little & Brave HERE.

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