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Punching girls because you like them?

So my little girl was punched in the face last week at school :(

They thought her nose was broken, but luckily it wasn't.

She was sitting in her class on the mat with the rest of her classmates and her jumper accidentally touched the arm of the boy next to her so he took a swing at her and punched her in the face.

I mentioned it on Snapchat and to our friends and family when I saw them during that week.

and some of the comments and reactions seemed a bit weird to me....

"Its maybe because he likes her"... "I bet that kid has a crush on her!"...

It never actually crossed my mind that violence towards her could mean that he likes her?

Is this still a thing?

If I had of said that a girl punched her in the face would the reaction have been different?

If a girl hits another girl then is that just bullying? Or does she have a crush on my daughter also? When two boys have a fist fight are they really just crushing on each other?

If my Husband ever hit me, would it be because he loves me?

Punching isn't love, punching is hate. Punching shouldn't be brushed off as OK if someone likes someone else... that's weird right?

Even if this boy does like Scarlett and punched her square in the nose because he likes her, surely it should be up to us as a society to say that that isn't right... right?

I have never punched anyone and I have never been punched so the whole punching thing is foreign to me to begin with I guess.

Personally my first reaction was that I was worried if she was OK and my second was to wonder about this little boy and was he subjected to violence in the home.

Honestly... is that boy OK... is his home life OK?

I'm not sure if my knee jerk reaction comes from the fact that a few of my friends have had had violence set upon them by partners and family members.

But I am adamant that I don't want my daughters to ever think that it is OK to be punched in the face as long as it is because someone likes them... or loves them.

I have to also say that the teachers in Scarlett's class were amazing, and Scarlett was looked after.

Fights happen, and kids are kids, and yip, kids do stupid shit sometimes.

If you like my kid, pick her a God damn daisy or something!

Just don't do stupid shit to my kid... Cause I'm just gonna go and get all serious and write a blog about it lol.

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