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Crunchy, healthy coconut butter bites

I thought up this recipe last night in bed and wondered if it would work and be delicious...

It is :)

It is 3 ingredients and uses the clean Paleo natural breakfast blends and the Poppy and olive coconut butter and a poppy and olive nut butter (I used the Vanilla bean cashew and coconut but you could use any of their nut butters. It is gluten free and dairy free.

You will need:

5 heaped tablespoons Cacao Berry breakfast blend from Clean Paleo

2 heaped tablespoon Coconut Butter (Poppy and Olive)

2 heaped tablespoon Vanilla Bean cashew and coconut butter (Poppy and Olive)- try and avoid the oil on the top and dig down to the firmer stuff :)

Melt the coconut butter then stir in the nut butter and cacao berry breakfast and spoon into moulds.

Leave to set in the fridge for 15 minutes

Keep in a jar in the fridge.

These are a great mini snack when you want something sweet but healthy :)

Clean Paleo and Poppy and olive are amazing New Zealand companies that are dedicated to health, well being and creating delicious things.

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