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DIY orange oil cleaner

I wrote the blog 'natural items for your emergency kit' a while ago and it had among other items baking soda, vinegar and orange oil.

Orange oil has amazing antibacterial and antiseptic uses, vinegar is a natural cleaner, and baking soda is a fantastic deodorizer and multipurpose disinfectant!

But Vodka? Yup. It helps

I use this around the house on a daily basis so I thought it deserved its own blog :)

I love it, it makes the house clean but most of all smell amazing. I LOVE orange oil!

Its the most simple recipe and you can either use a mini spray bottle from a dollar store or reuse an old spray bottle.

You will need (for a mini spray bottle that is 100mls):

1/4 teaspoon baking soda

1 teaspoon vinegar

2 drops orange oil



Place all the ingredients in the bottle then top up with clean water

Can be used to clean surfaces like kitchen counters, cutting boards and cutlery :)

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