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Stuff I forgot to tell my daughter - by Michele A'Court - Review and blog

I read this book a few years ago after my friend Rachel gave it to me right after my second child was born, and I read it in a haze of tiredness, poop explosions and tantrums. And it was an entertaining funny read among the chaos. I was also convinced that I was going to teach my kids everything they needed to know about life by 5 years old!

So far, my eldest Scarlett can put her shoes on 1 out of 5 times and wipe her arse on occasion by herself... that's about it.

"Stuff I forgot to tell my daughter" is a book penned from the mind of a of a panicked mother after sending her child off on their own... worried that she would try and dry her socks in the toaster LOL.

Michele has written a great book that I recon would have actually helped me when I toddled off to Unitec back in the early 2000's. I had no idea how to cook (even though I was to later work as a chef in a kitchen), I was not great at cleaning or shopping or much of anything really that was domestic, I cant remember too many conversations about what life may be like outside in the big wide world... although perhaps I wouldn't have listened much anyway.

There are great chapters about eating, money, heartbreak, body image, family, feminism and sex.

She has all the things that I want to tell my daughters when they are older, the things that I might forget about, things that might be awkward coming form me, so maybe I might need another way to say it.

Because maybe it might be less awkward coming from another mother, from a voice of reason and wit, encased in humour.

This fantastic book came from her hit solo comedy show of the same name :)

You can get "Stuff I forgot to tell my daughter" from leading bookstores.

And don't forget to like her HERE


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