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Too much of a good thing... brazil nuts.

Did you know that you can have too many brazil nuts?.... My husband didn't lol.

He was feeling sick one week and couldn't pin it down until I saw him reaching for a handful of brazil nuts. I asked him if he was having many of them a day... he was.

...and it was making him sick...

...He was having too much Selenium...

...Waaaaaayyyyy too much Selenuim...


Brazil nuts are a great source of selenium, something we lack in our NZ soil. But did you know you can have too much?

SO how many brazil nuts are we able to have per day?

The answer may surprise you... 2!

2 nuts will give you over 100% (almost 200%) of your daily recommended dose of selenium

Any more that 4 nuts a day can cause vomiting nausea diarrhea and eating this amount on a regular basis may lead to selenosis which can lead to all of the above symptoms including hair loss, brittle white nails, fatigue and joint pain.

So take care with Brazil nuts and your intake. This is certainly a case of "less is more".


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