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Why I take my kids to McDonalds... sometimes.

Now I am quite aware that I am trying to be on some kind of healthy eating gig with myself and my kids... and I suppose I am supposed to be making a good example and all that.

But I am also aware that I don't want to come off as some kind of sanctimonious bitch that only gives her kids organic green beans and hand caught snapper for dinner.

I actually boycotted McDonalds for like 10 years. Only entering the premises a handful of times to use the bathroom.

One of these bathroom stops was with my husband before we had kids. he was ordering himself a big mac or something and I managed to slip on the floor in front of the till. it was so slippery that I had to crawl out on my hands and knees in front of a packed service area and take off my shoes so I could stand up. I was pissed at McDonalds and didn't even go back even to use the bathroom.. for like 3 years haha.

I'm not even sure why I started to boycott them in the first place... maybe because they are a large corporation, that they had unhealthy options... Something about being unhealthy I am sure of it...

I saw a post on a friends Facebook page. She had seen a family eating McDonalds and said how it was poison! (a one year old was eating a chip). Now being that I had boycotted them for many a year I had never actually once thought about judging anyone else for eating it and I placed up a very diplomatic reply that contained an analogy about the fact that it was a 'moment in time' and you cant judge anyone based on that.

McDonalds is a relatively safe place to stop in if you have kids, most have booth type seating and high chairs, there is a change table in all their toilets. You don't have to and you can get a chicken salad like I do, you can get the kids a fruit bag and get the bottled water.

McDonalds have come a long way since I decided to boycott them and yep, although my kids might snack on dehydrated broccoli and chickpeas I also take them to McDonalds on road trips.

They even had their first cheese burger the other week! I have never seen them so happy hahaha.

Here is my "moment in time" - and I don't care if you judge me on it :)

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