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Want to know my secret? lets talk about before and after shots.

One of my pet hates is before and after shots because I know how easily they can be manipulated...

How easily they can be faked.

I have done both kinds of 'before and after' shots. The shot on the left is genuine, it is me and I explained how long it took me to get to that point and what was involved.

It was for a photo shoot at Suede Studios that involved hair, makeup, clothing and amazing lighting. Clothes were pinned in place... there was even a fan to blow my hair around!

I look like a freakin superstar but lets be honest it took a few hours haha

The photographer also made me ridiculously photoshopped at my request to see what kind of reaction it would have.

Would people prefer "A" the Natural me... or "B" the thinner armed, smalled waist, bigger boobed version of me? Thankfully out of all the any comments (bar one) prefered the natural me :)

In fact the comments were pretty awesome such as this one...

"A" for sure. Gorgeous. No photoshopping on anyone ever please. Real clothing for real people!" - Kate Doran


"A" definitely. She has such a beautiful, strong face" - Sarah Downey

brought a tear to my eye :)

I have also posted up also before and after shots that expose how ridiculous they can be.

like the one here that exposes some of the stupidity of the "before and after" shots.

Look at the difference in this picture from the left before picture to the right after picture!

Want to know my secret?

Put a different top on, push your arse backwards and take a second picture!

The Picture below I posted up about my tummy. at a first look you would assume I must have used creams and a comprehensive ab workout

But you know what my secret is? Leaning backwards and a phone filter!

It is ok to be sad about your mummy tummy, and it is ok to be proud about it, it is ok to stick it under a spanks and it is ok to get it out in all its glory. Wraps, pills, creams and oils... it's all bullshit! Wear whatever you want and strut around like the awesome person you are! Because you are not the marks on your tummy, or the extra skin on the side!

Don't be fooled ladies! Buy a great pair of jeans, a fabulous shade of lipstick and strut around like the awesome person you are!



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