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Living with a Taylor swift fan… A wife’s tale

At first it was a funny topic of conversation, a quiet banjo song that played every now and then on the playlist during long road trips.

Then it started to become an eerie presence in our house, posters appeared behind the computer screen, those piercing blue eyes staring at my every eye roll at yet another banjo inspired ditty.

One sided conversations about which album was better ensued... “It’s not the red album, that was a glitch where an album was produced, that wasn’t quite right” he would mutter quietly drinking his Export 33... I had no idea what he was talking about.

All was forgiven however when the 1989 album was released… but Kanye was not.


"Why Kanye, WHY!" My husband would cry in the middle of the night, “It was her moment!”

Our first child’s nickname in the womb, was Swifty, I found it cute in all honesty. This was around the time of her 'Speak Now' album, a time when the songs "Haunted" and "Enchanted" played on some kind of torturous loop, an album described as 'alternative, dirty bubblegum pop'... What does that even mean!?

Now our little baby Scarlett (Swifty) was almost named Taylor but as there was already two Tylers in the family, we decided, it would have got a little confusing.

When she was born, Scarlett was a reflux baby, highly unsettled, and do you know what song settled her… Taylor swifts ‘safe and sound’ song! It played night and day up to 30 times in any 24 hour period!

It is a nice song that I have only been able to listen to again after the longest time.

I even have it on my Spotify list… one of the only songs of hers on Spotify, because she refuses to put her albums on Spotify. I forget why, but Aaron would be able to tell you… “she has integrity as an artist, and I respect her decisions” he would say... Or something ridiculous like that.

He has an iTunes playlist comprised of Swift songs, and I have Spotify. So far it hasn’t compromised our marriage… yet.

"Shake it off" it is a favourite of our two girls, they like the part where she is a ballerina, they laugh and ask me to rewind it for the 75th time and I cry into my antioxidant rich fermented grape juice (wine) and try to convince them to watch Ed Sheerans ‘Bloodstream’.

I even dressed up as Taylor Swift once for a dress up party at 'the classic' comedy bar where My husband received his picture on the comedians wall, it was a poignant moment in which he made a heartfelt speech where he thanked the classic, his fans, his children…. Taylor swift. “You forget someone Aaron?” Yelled our friend and comedian Penny Ashton from the back. “What about your wife!?”. “Oh yes!” he says, “Cheers Michelle!”


You remember that time that time Taylor Swift came to NZ for a music video?

That was an interesting week, I had hourly updates from my husband about where she had been last spotted via the websites, Auckland central, Waiheke, some kind of restaurant, (the girls gotta eat I guess).

When he found out a few weeks later that one of the machines he hired out that week actually was used on the set of her music video, he almost lost his shit!

Fast forward to now and he has just handed in his notice and quit his job, his resignation letter solely comprised of Taylor Swift lyrics. His boss didn’t get it, but the internet did! Many shares and LOLs were had all round (You can read it HERE its hilarious!).

So now I introduce his newest venture…. “Swift Access”, yes, I kid you not. Here she is again!

The name was originally thrown into the mix as a bit of a joke, but it stuck and I think actually has a good ring to it. Swift Access has been embraced and welcomed as the newest Access company in the industry.

Even as I write this I can hear her song coming from the office where he is sitting, I don’t recognise the song but I can hear that distinctive guitar and lyrics about a boyfriend who has left her heart torn. Lyrics which Aaron could mix into everyday conversation and you would be none the wiser.

Taylor Swift, you have a lot to answer for. But I still love you. You bring so much joy and hilarity to our house xxx

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