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Tu Meke Tūī book review

Once upon a time I used to do movie reviews with a friend, we called it “the naked truth”. Each article had a picture of something random in front of our boobs, we had to sell it with sensual promotion because, quite frankly we had to review some horrendously horrible films, and we had to make it entertaining…. somehow.

This book, Tu Meke Tūī however needs no gimmick to sell it! It is taking flight and selling out fast across the country with good reason!

Children’s books are a niche market where you not only are competing against what has been recently written (in the last 5 years), but you will always compete against the old classics that carry nostalgia and history… Books that have been written 50 years ago! It is a competitive, market where only the best survive past 5,000 prints.

There is a reason why certain books are popular to children and these guys have nailed it! By no prompting by myself it has been chosen by my 2 ½ year old as the book of choice to bring to bed and read by torch light in the dark stillness of her room.

Each page is filled to the brim with colour and the story holds true to its NZ roots. It’s hard, thick pages are also easily wipe-able when sticky fingers distribute the pages with sandwich spreads and breakfast dribble.

Congrats to the team that put this book together! My children applaud you with honey coated hands!

The writer Malcom Clarke, had the vision for this book for a long time. He brought it to life with words so beautifully and dedicated it to his nephew Jasper.

The illustrator FLOX, is a NZ artist with a distinct point of view, She uses Auckland city as her canvas and you can also see her work across the world.

Tu Meke Tūī is a story of friendship between two unlikely birds and a stoat who gets kicked to the curb by a brave Takahe.

Illustrated by FLOX, written by Malcom Clarke and published by Mary Eagan publishing.

5 Pumpkins from me

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