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'Live, Laugh, Love' - Nick Rado, comedy review

I had such a great impromptu night at Nick Rado’s show “Live Laugh “ at the NZ international comedy festival!

It’s been a long week, and I'm not gonna lie, I needed this!

And it was such a great night out!

Nick Rado seamlessly creates a picture of a husband living in a Pinterest lovers dream!

Surrounded by yoga mats, Kombucha, meditation and chia seeds he wonders what the fuck happened to sky sport and.. you know… normal shit.

Married to a Yoga instructor, Nick paints a picture of his “Pinterest life” without having ever opened the app.

.... Maybe a "happy Pinterest wife, IS a happy life" :)

Rugby and beer are a long-gone memory, although that time he accidentally used the guest prop towel to remove toothpaste from his mouth seems to still haunt him.

He really captured fatherhood in all its glory and the "what happened to my life" vibe! If he wasn't particularly going for this vibe... I really question what happened to his life hahaha.

So funny and perfectly paced, Rado created some fantastically woven stories that all met with huge applause.

I loved the intro, the props and the overall theme!

This would be the best show to go to on a date night or a night out with the girls. It truly is a show for everyone although I do think it is geared towards couples, fathers and women of all ages.

LIVE LAUGHED, LOVED IT! This show really ticked my chakra bone!

You can catch him,

Wed 10th May – 7pm

Thurs 11th May – 7pm

Friday 12th May – 7pm

Saturday 13th May - 7pm

At 'Loft at Q Theatre' Auckland

Buy your tickets HERE

And LIKE him on FB :)

4 and a half pumpkins people!

PS. Rado's show made me really want to meet his wife! I recon we would totes get along :)

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