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Feel a Little - Book review

This was a book that I have been anticipating for the longest time!

A kickstarter funded project, it reached its target in record time and it was amazing to watch the support and belief for a children's book whose themes are so important!

This is the most fun, beautiful, important book that you could ever own!

We have a huge issue in New Zealand with youth mental and emotional health. We need to start talking about it earlier... we need to get our kids communicating, get them understanding their feelings and give them tools to deal with it. This book "Feel A Little" is everything I want in a kids book, beautiful vibrant pictures, and themes and words with rhyme and rhythm that mean something! This book gives parents, caregivers and educators need a variety of ways to encourage these conversations and feelings in a safe space together through poetry and pictures.

This is a book that is important and it is a book that I believe should be in every school and in every home. It teaches and opens the dialogue about feelings, about sharing those feelings and expressing them.

I was surprised at the amount of content, I'm not sure quite what I was expecting... maybe the usual 10- 12 pages of bright pictures and poetry.

But I was impressed at the length, quality and emotion behind the poetry.

Kids go through so many emotions in a day... SO MANY! In quick succession too, they can be sad one minute and excited the next, they feel EVERYTHING in such a heightened way, so having this resource to be able to talk about emotions is invaluable.

Evie Kemp has done an amazing job! Everything is so beautiful and bright! The colours and shapes of the characters perfectly represented the feeling expressed on each page.

The words of Jenny Palmer are helping my 5 year old deal with everything at the moment... She is worried and shy and excited all at the same time with her transition to school, it is amazing seeing her sit quietly and listen to the poetry and talk about all her emotions. you can read about my anxious child HERE and how the book is helping her.

They are words that also give comfort to me, it makes me feel like if I don't have the words to fully express how she is feeling then I can refer to them in this book.

Both kids LOVE reading this book :)

This is the first colab by A Little Ink poet Jenny Palmer and artist Evie Kemp.

"Feel a little" is a children's book that explores emotions through beautiful pictures and poetry.

5 Pumpkins from me!!!

Check out Scarlett opening up her book below, she LOVES it :)

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