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Bruce finds a home - book review

Based on the true story of "Bruce the cat", Katheryn Van Beek's 'Bruce finds a home' tells the story of Kate who finds a kitten and goes in search of his home and a name.

The book is illustrated beautifully by Katheryn and the story is super cute and relatable to young children.

A little bit of back story

This has been Kathryn's labour of love that I have followed from the very beginning.

And when I say beginning... I mean beginning... right back when Katheryn posted a panicked post on her own Facebook page about finding a dropper suitable to feed the abandoned kitten she had rescued. When she and her husband hand fed the mini ball of fluff with a dropper every 2 hours, till he was stronger.

The story was quickly picked up by the NZ herald and her next Facebook post read "It's amazing how quickly life can change. One minute you're a reasonably normal person, the next minute you're the foster mother of an infant and the manager of a celebrity cat."

Bruce the kitten Facebook page exploded, it was later changed to "Bruce the cat" and it now has over 38,000 fans!

The story of Bruce has been shared on numerous websites and was even shared by George Takei (spock) on his Facebook page!

Bruce is an internet sensation and this book does not disappoint! Bruce should be very proud of his mum, she created an awesomely vibrant book that parents will love to read.

All the illustrations are hand drawn by Kathryn and they are so detailed and beautiful.

I LOVE the colour palate and pencil drawings among the story and rhyming words that my children are enjoying each and every night.

You can buy your very own copy from The Dorothy Butler Children's Bookshop for $19.99 and from many other leading book retailers.

4 1/2 pumpkins from me!


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