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Do what you want with your own body, IDGAF

Erin Inger, wife and mother talks about her journey with cosmetic fixes and plastic surgery.

Truth bomb ahead: if you’re a judgeypants, stop reading:

I ground my teeth in my sleep my whole life without knowing, the front ones were 0.5cm long by age 30. They made me feel shit. So I saved up for veneers. I had to have braces for 2 years before I could have the veneers on. I found out health insurance would pay to straighten my septum. The surgeon said it would likely make a positive difference to my breathing - I’ve had sinus issues my whole life. I thought, if I was going to have my nose broken and go through the pain, I would have rhinoplasty too - might as well wake up with a perfect nose! (irony: now have perfect nose, still can’t breathe - turns out it was 100% allergies).

I’ve been having botox in my frown line since I was 27, because people kept thinking I was grumpy, but I wasn’t - call it a preventative. I’ve also had botox in my teeth-grinding muscles recently, as the pain in my neck and jaw was making me miserable... it wasn’t postural, not a problem an osteo could fix... so botox and wallah, now I CAN’T grind my teeth! No more pain! Side note - you can think what you like about the botulinum toxin, but did you know that it was invented (and is still used) to treat severe epilepsy? Paralysing muscles prevents seizures and equals greater quality of life, and less pain... That matters most to me... If you disagree, we can still be friends - we just won’t talk about it 😉

Im off topic, but back to my point - if you have the means, the patience and the willingness to invest your time to change something - either to help yourself function better, or feel better... you do it. Teeth fixed? Yes! Tummy tuck? Do it! Breast work? No judgement from me! Fillers, IPL, microdermabrasion, microblading, nails, lashes, vampire facials (WTF are those - someone try one and report back!)... you do you. Don’t apologise, no need to justify, whatever makes you happy. Try keeping it natural, that’s my only advice.

Oh, and get it done by someone who knows what they are doing - find the best, most experienced and qualified expert you can.

I think looked fine before, but it took 36 years for me to look in the mirror and really love my face. You can’t put a price on that. Some of us are born, some of us are made, some of us will age gracefully, some of us will go down fighting.

I don’t judge you for either choice. And I’m open about it because I don’t want people thinking that these teeth were a genetic blessing - quite the opposite, they were a giant pain in the ass. If you don’t want to interfere with your natural born self, I support you. If you don’t think your natural born self needs interfering with, I fucking salute you. In the interests of complete disclosure - I’ve also moved some fat around, via liposuction. It was not for weightloss, but an alternative to a breast lift and implant - much cheaper, less pain and no time off work. I did it for me, it made me happy, that is reason enough.

So, my transformation is complete... but IF I ever change my mind and get my boobs done, I’ll be open about it, because I don’t want women wondering why mine sit up and theirs don’t... I’ll say, “I’m the anomaly darling, not you - you’re perfect just the way you are. ” And always talk about it, because I’m open and I talk about things. That’s just me. Sometimes it helps others be more open. But you can keep your self-improvements a secret, no judgement there either... I know many a husband who doesn’t notice or has no idea 😉

Note: eyes and dimples are model’s own hahaha

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