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Recycling made beautiful

This Blog is literally just a shout out to the amazing businesses that I have come across or bought from, who make and sell up-cycled items from unwanted or recycled materials.

I have sectioned it into decor, clothing, Jewellery and kids stuff to make it easier.

Hopefully it will give you some ideas for Zero waste Christmas shopping too.

Please let me know of any other businesses you know of also.

Decor and art

This Kiwi designer uses vinyl records saved from the landfill and op-shops to create meaningful art

Plant pots, flower pots and planters which are made from recycled plastic with a natural look.

Unique hand made Art & Furniture made from recycled pallets and wood. Located in Waiuku, Auckland

Wooden creations made from recycled pallets and native timbers sourced locally.

Outstanding furniture design made from a constantly growing raw material – old tyres.


Hand flattened and hand-stamped bookmarks, cheese forks, jewellery and other unique creations up-cycled from vintage and antique cutlery.

All of Their pieces are made from reclaimed and recycled wood, and where required are finished with natural hemp seed oil and beeswax.

Unique up-cycled jewellery. Everything is made from secondhand, re purposed materials and is packaged plastic free for postage.

Pieces are made with new and repurposed/reused/recycled materials like vintage fabric and beach plastic

Objet D’Fox Recycled plastic sculpture in the form of jewellery. the pieces are made from plastic destined for landfill. A purchase from Object D'Fox also helps them to raise money to go towards research of the waste in our oceans.


Has a range of kids-wear. They use quality, re-purposed source materials like primarily high grade/industrial grade merino.

Rescued clothing and fabric made into new clothes, cushions, bags and other items.

The most beautiful items all made from OTHER items... clothes, decor and jewellery.

Kids stuff

Beautifully hand crafted wooden block sets for kids from recycled wood.

My Mojo stationary is made from recycled newspaper, recycled wood, post-industrial recycled material and renewable natural beech wood.

Fabric scraps are saved from landfill to make beautiful cloth dolls

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