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How to get labels off glass jars

Some might think... Why the heck is this even a blog?

Some labels are so awesome they just peel off, some you have to soak for 5 minutes and they scrape off. Sometimes you find a jar that has a label glued on by Satan himself. And NO ONE... not even you can get the damn thing off!

Why would Satan create a glue so sticky? Where do you think that label is gonna go? Why are there labels like this?

I don't know...

I had a LOT of suggestions...

Soak it for longer

Eucalyptus oil

Put it in the freezer



Fly spray

Lemon oil

Peanut butter

Coconut oil

I tried a LOT of the suggestions with not that much luck with the oil based glue stickers.

I learned that the glue is normally water based or oil based, so if is water based, it will come off by soaking it in hot soapy water. If it is oil based then it should come off with oil.

Note: stickers that are made with plastic rather than paper seem to come off with a little hot water inside.

So in the end I just used my cheap rice bran oil smeared some on, left it there for 5 minutes then used some baking soda and dishwash liquid to scrub at it. repeat this process till it comes off.


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