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Creamy oil based moisturiser

I have been making up a version of this for the past 3 years, and I use it as an "everything moisturiser", legs, arms, face, the lot.

Apologies for not putting it up earlier.

Every time someone asks "what do you use as a moisturiser?" or "can you tell me what you use?" I respond with "a... bunch of oils and butters and crap."


So here it is.

It is super simple... it's just a bunch of oils and butters and crap LOLOL

It is an oil based moisturiser, which I love it on my combination skin.

It's super cheap and only takes 5 minutes to make.

Essentially it is just oils (jojoba, raspberry seed oil, vitamin E) and butter (mango butter in this case). But I have used other oils like almond, argan oil, fractioned coconut oil and used other butters like shea and cocoa butter also.

Basically what you really need is 30g of oils and 50g of butters.

Honestly you can use whatever you like, but I have popped my recipe below (because finally I made note of how much of each ingredient I actually use lol).

I buy all the ingredients in bulk and make it up in small batches, refrigerating it in little pottles ready to use.


15g Jojoba oil

15g Rasperry seed oil

drop of vitamin E oil

2 drops of lavender oil

50g Mango butter (note: I keep this in the freezer as it has a shorter shelf life than other butters)


Melt it all together in the microwave (20 seconds or so)

Put in the fridge to set.

After about an hour (or when it starts to solidify), give it a stir.

then when it has gone harder, use a teaspoon and whip it up (it goes slightly whiter).

Then pop it into small containers.

It will last for months outside the fridge, but longer inside the fridge. so I just keep the rest in there till I need it.


There are loads of places to buy ingredients like, Pure nature, Go native and Lotus oils

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